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Character Analysis

The Third Hokage -Sarutobi Sendaime (3rd)


“The professor”

Known as the “professor” ninja and well known as the most knowledgeable in ninja techniques, Sarutobi became Hokage of the hidden leaf village a very young age Since then Sarutobi has been a strong leader of the community, well respected if not always liked, among his peers and subordinates for his vast knowledge and power and his ability to use both in any situation.

Many years before the third Hokage had retired and given up his position as leader, but due to the untimely death of his successor, was forced to again resume the mantle of authority through the many trying times ahead of the Konoha village.

The third Hokage was the first to support Uzimaki Naruto, and always stood by Narutos’ place in the community, even though he was often exhausted by many of naruto’s antics. But that wouldn’t be the first time he had to lead Genins around, Sarutobi was also well known for being the sensei of the infamous Sennin, a group consisting of Orochimaru, jirabaiya and Tsunade, who are among the more famous of his students. The first to discover Orochimaru secretly killing ninja for his experiments, The Third was unable to kill his former student when he had the chance, a mistake he has much cause to regret later when Orochimaru returned to wreck havoc on his former village which had cast him out, even going so far as to call up the dead specters of the first and second Hokage to help defeat Sarutobi.

Sarutobi’s only weakness is his old age an his inability to maintain complicated Justus for a large amount of time and his uncertain feelings towards his main opponent which may cause him to hesitate when action is required, but his vast knowledge of many different types of techniques makes up for this easily.

Written by: krickitat

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