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Character Analysis

Yondaime the Fourth Hokage


“The Yellow Flash”
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue

Although as yet a largely unknown character to the series, Yondaime the fourth Hokage is widely known for his creation of powerful techniques such as Rasengan, a technique which solidifies charka into the palm of the hand and swirling into confined instability until you release it on an object and a technique that Naruto uses himself. The move that gave him the nickname of yellow flash is Shunshin No Jutsu or “body flicker”. This uses Kunai which have had a seal drawn onto the handle, when he or someone else throws them they are used as a reference point on the battle field allowing him to flash to any point in the blink of an eye, they can also be given to friends or allies as a quick way to summon him if there should be need, by use of the seals on the kunai which allow him to know whenever one of them has been thrown.

Fuuin Jutsu Shiki Fuujin or “Dead Demon Imprisonment” is a contract made with the God of death sealing a Demon or person inside the body of another for the purpose of containing enormous powers, but the price is that the Jutsu user must exchange his life for this service. This was the fourth Hokages’ final sacrifice to the village of Konoha when he sealed the Fox Demon inside Naruto’s stomach saving the hidden leaf in exchange for his own life, but also knowingly sealing the giant charka inside Naruto with a seal that would eventually allow Naruto’s body to absorb the power within him, to use as a powerful aide in battle, by using an even numbered seal so that the charkas could align. This also caused Naruto to take on some characteristics of the Kyuubi such as the ability to heal with amazing speed and whickers on his face.

With all of his strong techniques Yondaime was greatly feared on the battlefield by opposing enemies, and was equally looked upon with awe and admiration by his comrades. Yondaime had all the great qualities of a true ninja, even though he was known for his quick temper and brashness he was better known for his smile and his ability to inspire confidence and admiration in others.

The fourth’s Sensei: Jiraiya
The fourth’s Genin: Uchiha Obito, Hatake Kakashi, and Rin

Written by: krickitat

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