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- Posted by Hisoka on 2010-02-09
This is really old news for devoted fans but in case you did not know, naruto shippuden has been airing on the disney XD channel since oct 2009. As for Canadian fans, well, they are not as lucky as ytv just stopped their rerun of naruto and bleach episodes. If you have any news on schedules or releases of naruto, please share with other fans by emailing hokage@narutoworld.com. Thanks!!
Public Message - Posted by Hisoka on 2009-07-15
Latest Naruto art book published on! July 3, 2009

  • A new naruto art book is out! It's named "Naruto" and just came out a couple weeks ago.
  • This update, we corrected a mistake posted in Kakashi's character analysis. In the second last paragraph, we had initially stated he's Uchiha Itachi's sensei. This, of course, as all fans know, is wrong. A nice visitor emailed us and pointed this out. We fixed this, it's now corrected to Uchiha Sasuke. *thank you!*.
Public Announcement - Posted by Hisoka on 2009-04-09
Naruto: Shippuden has been announced to premier in 2009 in the United States.

Hi, as we all know, Naruto is licensed by Viz Media in North America. Good news for the devoted fans. Viz Media just announced that the new series, Naruto Shippuden is coming to United States!


Public Announcement - Posted by Hisoka on 2009-03-02
New Sponsor - GKWorld.

Hi there. I am the temporary administrator, taking over for Naruko. Other than announcing my arrival, I also want to thank our new sponsor - GKWorld.

In this not too hyper economy, I appreciate all the support we can get to run this fan based site.

If you're looking to purchase a naruto style product or in fact, any comic or anime related item, give them a try. :)

- Posted by Naruko on 2009-01-21
Naruto game bots are back

Fun naruto game bots are back in operation!

If you bumped into error messages on their site earlier, I'm sorry about that. Everything seems to work fine for me now. So sign up for a bot and have fun!

Happy 2009 - Posted by Naruko on 2009-01-19
Happy 2009!!

Hope everyone had a good holiday vacation. I stayed at home most of the time and watched some Naruto Shippuden episodes. Here's a wiki link to it if you want to read up more on the Naruto sequel.

Public Announcements - Posted by Naruko on 2007-10-21
Cute Naruto Halloween eCards!

Hey guys, I found these really cute Naruto Halloween ecards. Check them out.

There are more Naruto ecards and anime Halloween cards at myanimecards.com.

Happy Halloween ( and remember to carve naruto style pumpkins~)

Public Announcements - Posted by Naruko on 2007-10-18
Hi all!

I know it's been a whole year since we last posted an announcement. It's been crazy with the network management. I've finally decided to return to my duties here at Naruto World after settling down with a new job and moving into a new apartment.

Thanks to all of our loyal visitors, this website is still one of the most popular Naruto sites online! Of course, the fact that it has the most complete episode summaries along with tons of pictures and media goodies helps too!

I am going to post up more news in the next coming few days after checking in with Chii at AC.

~stay tuned for more from naruko

Public Anouncement - Posted by Akashi on 2006-10-15
...Ok...all of the fights and spoilers are done...and reviews from ep1-45 are also done...the rest will be done by next week...^_^
Public Announcement - Posted by Akashi on 2006-10-15
my appologies for my absence over the past 3 months...Things got very crazy...so...yeah im back and will begin reviewing EVERYTIHNG ASAP^_^
Public Announcement - Posted by Akashi on 2006-10-15
IT's out!... Naruto Clash of Ninja 2 has come to america, with over double the characters and 4 players!!!! From Naruto to Neji, each character has more moves and more elaborate combos... compared to the last game...i gave it a 5.0/10...this new game seemed a little premature for me but hey... thats just my opinion. about Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2...I give it a 7.0/10 till next time bye^_^
Website Related Announcement - Posted by Adaramus on 2006-10-10
I would just like to announce that I've looked over the episode summaries up to episode 28 and accepted a few. Keep them coming guys :D
Website Related Announcement - Posted by Adaramus on 2006-10-05
Hello all, my name is Adaramus and I will be your admin for a while. I hope to help the site progress alot during the time I'll be here.
Public Annoucement - Posted by Tomato on 2006-10-04
Please welcome new admin: Adaramus. He will be here to introduce himself shortly. I apolgize for the lack of updates around this time but we are confident Adaramus will do a terrific job! :)
Public Announcement - Posted by Akashi on 2006-07-24
Narutimate Hero is out in aerica as Ultimate Ninja. With over a dozen playable characters and the jutsu meter, this game makes the other two look like something that Akamaru left in the yard. Every character has a story line, whether the events in the story actually happened(e.g. Neji vs Orochimaru?) doesn't matter cuz the game is awesome. Despite ungodly hard S-rank missions like have 999,999,999 ryo, the game is truly a work of art. overal rating - 9.0
Public Announcement - Posted by Keichi on 2006-06-26
Hello every one. My name is Keichi Akashi and I am the new admin for Narutoworld. I look forward to working with all of you
March fanart contest winners! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-04-27
It's about time! My judge has FINALLY gotten back to me about the March fanart contest. The results are:

1st place: FluffyHeart (whose real name I don't know), with her picture of Sakura's dolls.
2nd place: Sandy Tomeo, with her picture of Hatake Kakashi.

However, the judge (who I'll be hitting with a harisen the next time I see him) stated that the other pictures weren't worthy of a prize.
DON'T BLAME ME! *cringes* Blame him! I just post these things, I have no idea how to judge art... ^^;;

Anyway, the new rules stay as follows: The fanart contest, from now on, won't give winners until I get 25 entries each time. That means I'll hold onto your artwork (don't worry, I won't lose it...I never have) until 25 people give artwork submissions. Shy? Don't be. Your competition isn't Michelangelo...it's other otaku, just like you, who want to express their ninjaness through art! (Believe me, if I could draw, I would). ^_^

So...now, the fanart comtest depends on YOU. It could be a year, or only a week, until I get 25 submissions. But until then, no more judging. ^_^

In any case, draw some more! =) We love to see your work!

As always,
~ Bluesummers
Fanart extension - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-04-17
After much deliberation, I've decided to extend the deadline of the April fanart cotest...it will now be continued until I get at least 25 entries.

The reasoning for this, is that I am receiving almost ZERO entries! I thought that after 2000 (yes, two THOUSAND) people voted to bring back the fanart contest, I get a total of under 15 entries for all 3 months that I've run it!

Come on, people! You can do better than that! Lets see a swarm of efforts!!! XD

Oh, and big change in email:

My new email (to send all fanart, questions, etc.) is: bluesummers@animechains.com
Anything sent to my engr/uconn account will not be seen, because that account no longer exists. ^^;;

Keep it cool, all ~
Umm.... 0_o - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-04-10
To the person calling themselves FluffyHeart, who submitted a fanart entry...please email me ASAP. Your email isn't showing up on my records.

Thank you! ^_^
~ Bluesummers

P.S. - The fanart contest results for March will son be revealed! My lazy-bum judge has finally gotten back to me, and has determined who the winner and runners-up are!
April Contest - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-04-04
Hello all, and how are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking! XD

Thank you especially to those of you who entered submissions to March's contest. The submissions are being reviewed by the judges right now, and the winner will receieve either Clash of Ninja for the GameCube, or Ninja Council for the GBA (your choice)!

Now, on the the April Contest. This month, being the start of spring, will have a spring-themed contest! Everyone, submit your spring-related fanarts! We're waiting!

Spring-related could mean Shino looking at bugs in the grass, or Hinata just taking a morning stroll in the meadows. ^.^ It's up to you, so use your creativity!

As always, submit artwork to bluesummers@engr.uconn.edu and the winners will be determined at the end of the month! The winner of the april contest will receive a Naruto T-shirt (I saw it, it's really cool), and the first 2 runners-up will receive a Naruto Wristband! They're good for concealing hidden messages in, while evading enemy shinobi!

As always, email me any Naruto questions you have, and I'll answer them as best I can. Gambatte!!!

Until next time,
~ Bluesummers
Fanart Mishap... - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-03-25
I'd like to apologize to every one of you now, before I say what happened.

The Winner of the February fanart contest, Sandy T., is disqualified. I receieved a notice that her work was copied from the manga, and it turned out to be true (chapter 89, page 4).

As such, Allison Barnes is the winner of the contest, and Olibama Maestas is the first runner-up.

As I said earlier, ONLY SUBMIT YOUR OWN WORK. If it isn't yours, it will be disqualified. Narutoworld will now be scanning all 6142 pages of the manga, and all 177 episodes of the anime, for copied art.

As always, submit your works, we're always accepting them.

~ Bluesummers
Interim Fanart display - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-03-18
Since Tomato-sama, the owner of Naruto World and it's parent site, Animechains, has decided to take an unannounced leave of absence for a month, I'm afraid I can't post the winning fanart submissions on the site right now. However, if you'll click the following links, you can view them anyway (they're at reduced size, just letting you know).

1st place: Sandy Tomeo - Hatake Kakashi

2nd place: Allison Barnes - Sakura + Sasuke

3rd place: Olibama Maestas - Uchiha Itachi

Just a remind that I'm always accepting fanart submissions. Just email them to me at bluesummers@engr.uconn.edu and they'll be entered into the contest! The contest restarts at the beginning of every month, and April's theme is springtime! (March's contest has no theme ^^;; )

Well, it's been good, but I have to sleep now. It's 4 am here and I'm exhausted.

G'night all,
~ Bluesummers
First monthly NarutoWorld Fanart Contest winners!!! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-03-15
This announcement was removed on 2009-07-15 as requested by Bluesummers.
Quick announcement - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-03-13
Olibama Maestas, Please email me ASAP. I have no record of your email address, yet I have your fanart submission. I repeat, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP. That's all for now, folks. ^.^;;
Fanart contest, Naruto bots, and more! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-03-05
Well everyone, it's been quite a month for me, and probably for you too...but I won't bore you with my personal life, since you probably aren't interested in geology and calculus anyway.

The February Fanart Contest is complete, and the winners will soon be determined! If you've sent in a fanart after 11:59 PM on February 28th, it will go into the March contest instead.
Also, I will try to contact winners by email, or on the AC Forum if they are members.

I think some people misunderstood the submission process when I explained it last. There is no way to submit your artwork thru the website. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE EMAILED TO ME. Again, my email is bluesummers@engr.uconn.edu. If you get a reply from a different email, it's OK, because everything from my Engr.uconn account is forwarded to my private email anyway.

In other news, I'm sure you all saw the giant Naruto game bot advertisement at the top of this page! (If you didn't, then somethings wrong with it o_o ) Anyway, the Naruto bots are interactive web programs that talk to you, remember what you tell them, and basically act like internet versions of your favorite Naruto characters! For more info, click here.

Getting back to fanart, remember that all forged artwork will be disqualofied. That means any copying or tracing of pictures that are already out there, regardless of whether it's Kishimoto's work or a fanart, or whether it's tracing, freehand copying, etc. In addition, no hentai...just a reminder (we haven't gotten any, and we hope to keep it that way).

Any questions can be sent to bluesummers@engr.uconn.edu, or you can PM me or the AC Forums.

As a last note, I'll let you know that I watch Akira again last night, and I tihnk I finally understand it in its entirety...or maybe not. 0_o

Gambatte, minna-san...
~ Bluesummers
Naruto video games to the fanart winners!!! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-02-09
*Sigh*...I had a really good announcement typed up, but it took me so long that the administration system here logged me out, so here I am writing you this second-rate announcement. -.-;;

ANYWAY!!!.....Who would like a free video game? How about a free video game, before it's released?! Well...if you enter the fanart contest, you just might! That's right, D3Publisher and NarutoWorld are giving you the chance to win Naruto: Ninja Council or Naruto: Clash of Ninja...or both! Just submit your fanart as usual, and the winner will receive both the Gamecube and GBA games...the top 5 runners-up will receive one game (specify when you send your artwork!), and Masashi Kishimoto will be a very happy manga-ka! ^_^

On that note, if you haven't looked at the fanart rules, you can do so HERE...

Gambatte, minna-san!!!

As always,
~ Bluesummers

Oh, and as always, if you have any questions, just email me at Bluesummers@ENGR.UConn.edu, I'll probably get back to you within a day...or just PM me on the forums! ^_^
GAAAHH! I'm late! *dies* - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-02-02
This announcement was removed on 2009-07-15 as requested by Bluesummers.
Naruto Video Game Information! Wheee!!! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-01-30
Greetings, all! I bring news from afar! (or…not that far, depending on where you live). After my trip to the D3Publisher central offices in Los Angeles, where I met with Co-producers D3 and Tomy, as well as Tazmo from NarutoFan, Ty from Planet GameCube, and Zak from Anime News Network, I return with news about the two new games from the Naruto series, as well as some other information about all the Naruto stuff you want! ^_^

Naruto: Clash of Ninja is a new fighter for GameCube, produced by D3Publisher, which features Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Iruka, and Haku, as well as Rock Lee and Zabuza, in a 1- to 2-player battle system that incorporates both the physical aspects of a fighting game with the theory of Chakra, which dictates the powers of Shinobi.
The game features some pretty intense action scenes in the characters’ special attacks, such as Naruto’s Uzumaki Rendan, Zabuza’s Kirigakure no Jutsu, and Sakura’s "Berserk Inner Sakura" attack. The game has several modes: one-player, single-fight against the computer, two-player, story (which takes place from the start of the series up to and including the Wave Country mission), training, time battle, and more.
Although the game took only 6 months to develop the game in Japan, the amount of work put into the game is stunning, as each character features unique quotes from the voice actors who also star in the anime on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. Each character’s intro spiel is special to that character (we all know how annoying "Believe it!!!" can get), but the introductions (and endings) are different depending on whom they are fighting. For example, Zabuza spouts "I wasn't expecting you…" if pitted against Haku. Similarly, Sakura will freak out and apologize after she's beaten the pulp out of Sasuke. Another interesting point is that Rock Lee’s voice was recorded for the game before he said any lines for the actual anime, since the game is coming out before his episodes even air on Toonami.
Characters' special attacks were all taken straight from the anime, with the exception of Iruka, who really doesn’t have any special moves in the series, so his special move is what I like to call "Bad Student Beatdown." In addition to these, Naruto and Kakashi have special modes (Kyuubi mode for Naruto, Sharingan for Kakashi) which are unlockable.
The D3 press release says that Clash of Ninja is aimed at (direct quote) "Males 12-24." This made me chuckle, because I had a discussion with the associate producer over dinner, about exactly who the anime, manga, and games were directed towards. Even though Naruto is a Shonen (boys’ manga), which is obvious since it’s published in Shonen Jump, it appeals to girls as well. There are enough female characters in the story to be influential to the point of inspirational, if you look deep enough into their storylines. So, I’m not surprised at the female audience that the Naruto series and games have ensnared.
Naruto: Clash of Ninja for the GameCube is Rated T (Teen); retail price is set at $39.99 and the game will be released in March.

Naruto: Ninja Council is the Game Boy Advance game which is also co-produced by D3Publisher. It’s a side-scroller featuring seven levels of ninja goodness, along with several "boss" fights in between. The basic premise of the game (and the reason behind the title) is that it’s more of a training course for Naruto or Sasuke (your choice) than an actual set of missions. You fight Konohamaru & Ebisu (who share HP), Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Haku, Kiba, and…well, I never got past Kiba. The fighting system involves physical attacks, ninja tools (shuriken, kunai, and even senbon needles), and also Chakra techniques. It’s pretty funny, actually, if you release the chakra at the wrong time, and see Naruto try a multi Kagebunshin no Jutsu and end up making one crappy version of himself…or trying an Uzumaki Rendan and ending up farting…maybe that was the trick to beating Kiba. I like the Harem no Jutsu best…beat Ebisu in one hit! ^.^ In addition, you learn new jutsus as you move throughout the game, such as the Kyuubi Chakra attack, which can probably destroy any sub-boss character.
The paralleling with the anime is just incredible, as with Clash of Ninja. The characters’ special chakra attacks are very accurate when compared to the series. Chouji's anger when he's called fat precedes his multi-size & meat tank jutsus, and Shikamaru’s Kagemane no Jutsu is brutal if you’re caught in it. In the series, if Ino’s Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind-transfer) misses, she’s out for about 5 minutes. In the game, she immediately heals, but I think the game wouldn’t be as challenging if it adhered so strictly to the storyline. I haven’t beaten Kiba yet because of his fang-on-fang technique (the English adaptation of Tsuuga), but Lee was difficult as well, because when you fight him to about 1/3 of his total health, he calls Gai-sensei (Called Guy-sensei in the game; a small error I think) to help him. Gai punches Lee, calls him foolish, hugs him, then leaves (Geez, he’s a nut), and Lee is restored to full health. But I guess if Naruto wants to ever become Hokage, he’s going to have to overcome obstacles such as these…as so are you!
Naruto: Ninja Council for the Game Boy Advance is Rated E10+ (Everyone ages 10 and up); retail price is set at $29.99 and the game will be released in March.

Also coming out later this year (as far as we’ve projected) are…
• A Trading Card Game co-produced with Bandai
• Naruto action figures from Mattel
• A 'lightning glove" which throws shuriken/kunai, making assassinations easier ^_^ (coming out in July)
• An interactive "chakra thing" (we didn't get too much info on it) that vocally assists you in learning the 12 ninja hand signs (Also to be released in July)

Later this…um…decade (we really don't know when), from D3, we should be seeing at least 3 other GameCube games, which I had the pleasure of testing out, which are basically Clash of Ninja 2 thru 4, simply progressing later in the storyline. I played one that had a 1- to 4-player battle system, in which players could battle in a free-for all, or one teams of 1-on-2, 1-on3, and 2-on-2. Players could choose from over 20 different characters, some of which had still not been unlocked when I played it (Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Itachi).
This game had much more development time, as it was later in the lifespan of the series. Indeed, the Clash of Ninja line shows great promise, and will not disappoint Naruto fans everywhere.

hope that gave you all something to ponder for a couple months. ^^;;
-- Bluesummers
Naruto Fanart Contest -&- Exclusive Naruto Video Game Preview - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-01-11
Back by popular demand...


Over 2000 people have voted, and over 82% (that's around 1650 people) have gotten their wish!
I've always wanted more pictures on NarutoWorld, but unfortunately I have no artistic talent, so it's up to you!

Anyway, here's how the fanart contest will work:

Contestants will submit their works to this email address: bluesummers@engr.uconn.edu. Please put "NarutoWorld Fanart Contest" as the subject. Include your name in the email or it will be disqualified. If you feel insecure, just put your first name and last initial. It's just so I can keep track of whose artwork belongs to whom.

Entries must be original works. We do take notice of copied art.

Please don't send us nude/hentai artwork. It's not appropriate for the children, and will be disqualified. ^.^;

The contest will run once per month. All entries must be emailed by midnight on the last day of the month, otherwise they'll be counted for the next month instead.

All artwork will be judged by myself, along with an advisor who happens to hold a degree in studio art. Submissions will be judged not only for artistic integrity, but also for ideas and emotions conveyed through the artwork. That basically means that if one person draws a perfect shuriken with no thought behind it, and another draws a well-thought-out scene that has a few artistic flaws, the second person is more likely to win.

Of course, just because you're not Michelangelo doesn't mean you shouldn't enter. If you think you have what it takes, go for it! See for yourself just what you're made of!

But wait, what's in it for me?
The winner will be notified by email, and have their artwork posted on the front page of NarutoWorld for the next month, so that all may see their artistic talent! Also, the top 10 submissions each month will be added permanently to NarutoWorld's picture galleries, for all to admire for generations to come! Who knows, maybe even Kishimoto himself might take a look!


I will be going to Los Angeles in a couple weeks for a private discussion with D3 Publisher of America, about the New upcoming Naruto video games: Naruto: Clash of the Ninja for Gamecube, and Naruto: Ninja Council for the GBA.

I look forward to bringing you all some interesting news about the new games.

As always, your host,
~ Bluesummers
New poll! Lalalala!!! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2006-01-01
New poll! This applies to those of you who read the SCANLATED MANGA, so everyone else, gomen nasai. go grab it online it you must. ^_^

Is Naruto stronger now, or is Sasuke still stronger? Remember, we haven't seen Sasuke in 3 years, so we don't know yuet the extent of his abilities, whether he's unlocked Mangekyou, or anything. So....which is it?
Chapter 290 Scanlated and WAITING!!! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-12-31
Gomen Nasai...

But I didn't realize until 7 minutes ago (3:49 Eastern Time) that Chapter 290 has been released in Japan, our field agents have retrieved it, cleaned it, and scanlated it, all for your shinobi pleasure.

It's 9.53 MB, so if you have dial-up, you'll have to trust me: It's worth it.

HQ Scan DL (Thank you, Overjojojojo!)

A fight erupts with Orochimaru, Yamato, and Naruto at the center...who wins? Read it and see!!!

Happy New Year!!!
Naruto Volume 8 by VIZ: ON SHELVES! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-12-30
Naruto Volume 8 is in stores all across America! (and Canada too ^^ )

The 8th volume features the end of the Chuunin exam 2nd round, all the way up to the final preliminaries, involving a fight between...Sakura and her rival, Ino! This should be good...

Also, Several new Naruto video games are coming out from D3 Publishing, the first one rumored to be on Gamecube! We'll keep you posted on all the gaming info!

For those of you who read the scanlated manga (I know you're out there, I read your spoiler summaries!), Chapter 290 will NOT be out until next weekend, thanks to the New Year holiday taking up time in Japan.

For those of you who download the anime, Episode 165 is out and waiting for you!!!

Happy New Year!
Website Announcements - Posted by Naruko on 2005-12-15

Check out a bunch of ultra cool Naruto wallpapers in the wallpapers section now! Thanks to Arimeh Suruka (animechains.net).

New poll! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-10-27
THere is a new poll out, pretinent to Naruto World itself. We want to know:
Do you want Naruto World to hold a monthly fanart contest? There was one in the past, held by the last admin of Naruto World. Though it hasn't been supported in recent months, I got some requests (actually, just one) to restart it. Do we have any takers? Post your choice to the right of this box! Naruto World is for the fans, so it's all up to YOU!!!

Baka spoilers >_< - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-10-17
Just a note to everyone who wants to submit spoilers...
They should be spoilers, not unsupported rumors! Please don't submit things like "OMG Sakura dies after savin Sauske from Itachi!!!!11" It's not cool, and moreover, it doesn't even happen, so far as we know. Not even the manga is far enough to tell us such foolish things.

Seriously, guys, if you want your spoilers published, you have to make them actual spoilers. I know the entire series, manga and anime, and all spoilers go through me. So...if you want to be heard, make sure it's something good. ^_^

As always, Bluesummers
New pictures - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-10-10
Hello everyone, and welcome to the new image center for Naruto!
That's right, NarutoWorld now has a much expanded image gallery, and I'll soon be adding about 150 more wallpapers!
Have fun! ^^
MANGA SPOILERS - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-10-06
THIS JUST IN!!! (Manga Spoilers, Don't read unless you want to...)

To those of you who voted that Chiyo-baa would bring back Gaara...YOU ARE CORRECT!!! Chapter 279 proclaims the truth! Gaara is back, and all of Sunagakure is there to welcome him back! The poll results are...
34 people said Gaara is NEVER coming back! WRONG!!! Have some more faith in your fellow shinobi!
161 people said he's just unconcious! That's wishful thinking, folks...
133 people correctly guessed that Chiyo-baa would restore him to life...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Gai: YOSHI!!! ^_^

Bluesummers: Yoshi!!! ^_^ Thanks for voting, y'all.
Poll extension - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-10-01
I have extended the poll about Gaara, since it's unclear just what's going to happen to him. I can't wait to see!!!!
The poll ends on October 9th. Come on, Chiyo-baa! Succeed!!!
Poll extension - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-10-01
Naruto on Toonami! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-09-23
Yes, I know, the post's a bit late, but that's on purpose. Naruto has been shown on Toonami (the first 3 episodes, at least), and we were wondering what your opinions were about it. Sooo...without further ado, I bring you a poll!
What do you think of Naruto on Toonami? Is it good, bad, apocalyptic, or heavenly? Put your choices on NarutoWorld, and post your opinions on the Naruto forums. Lets see what the Naruto fanbase has to say!

As always, your humble host,
New Polls! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-09-17
The results are in! Leading the last poll, an all-out fight to the death, is Sasuke, with 531 votes!
Second is the Yondaime Hokage with 389 votes.
Third is Kakashi with 328, and right behind him is Itachi with 324.
Others in orders of votes are:
Sakura (153)
Orochimaru (75)
Jiraiya (71)
Masashi Kishimoto (49)
Maito Gai (28)
Sasori (11)

Than you to all who voted! As a bonus, Vote on whether you think Gaara is really dead after having the Ichibi drawn out of him...I'm edging to see the results on this one!
This poll closes on October 1, since the manga will probably have given the answer by then.

In other news, all of us here at the AnimeChains Network are wishing for the best for everyone in the Gulf region, after being hit by Hurricane Katrina. We know most of you can't donate money online, but there's still stuff you can do to help, even if it's not money-related. For details, go the the Red Cross Website.

Once again, this is your host for NarutoWorld, Bluesummers.
New Poll and character profiles!!! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-08-23
Narutoworld now has a new poll, so go and vote on it! I wanna know who wins!
Also, under "Basic Stats" in the Characters menu, you can now find Naruto Character Profiles!!! They're incomplete, but I'll have the rest up ASAP!
so If you're wondering who's who in the ninja-tacular world of Naruto, here's the place to go to find out!
Don't forget to visit our parent site, Anime Chains' Naruto Forums!
Don't lose your nindo!
Bluesummers - Posted by Spoilers and Episode Summaries on 2005-08-16
Just a notice to y'all out there who want to enlighten the rest of us with your episode summaries:
Please, Please, PLEASE check your spelling, your capitalization, and most importantly, make sure you're posting under the right episode!
It's not helpful when people want to know what happened to Kimimaro and all they can read is about Konohamaru's pranks.
So, always make sure to look underneath the underneath before you hit "submit." Thanks, y'all!
New Webmaster! - Posted by Bluesummers on 2005-08-15
Hello, all! I am Bluesummers, and you might recognize me from Anime CHains Forums, and TrigunWorld. I am the new webmaster of NarutoWorld, and hope to excite all of you Naruto otaku!
I'll be reviewing episode summaries and spoilers, as well as uploading some new Naruto wallpapers for everyone!
Happy Monday to all, and Don't stray from your Nindo path!
New Character Analysis Ready - Posted by Naruko on 2005-06-25
No need to guess around what happened to princess Tsunade or the mysterious Uchiha Itachi (aka, Sasuke's brother). We have decided to spoil things for the people who desire spoilers by writing detailed character analysis.

So far, we have character analysis articles for Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Neji, Haku, Kakashi, Orochimaru, Itachi, Tsunade, 4th Hokage and 3rd Hokage. More coming soon...next target: Kabuto.

Public Announcement - Posted by Naruko on 2005-06-18
New Galleries Up!

Everyone, we put up several new naruto image galleries, enjoy!

We also reviewed and passed newly submitted Naruto links in the Links section.

Did you happen to miss any Naruto matches? Want to know what happened when Itachi met Sasuke or when Gaara fought with Kimimaro? Don't worry, we have detailed battle summaries ready for you. :)

Public Announcement - Posted by Naruko on 2005-03-27

"ShoPro recently announced that they have the TV, home video, and merchandising rights to Naruto" - animenewsnetwork

Look for Naruto on Cartoon Network

"Cartoon Network announced at their Upfront press conference today that Naruto and One Piece will be airing on the network this year. One Piece starts in May, with Naruto following in the third quarter." - animenewsnetwork

I heard of news of narutoworld.com adding a new admin: GeniusChi. Everyone extend a big welcome to GeniusChi!!!

Website Announcement - Posted by Nogardeci on 2005-01-15
I am now also able to help out with Screencaps. Once Tomato gives me the new information needed, I while get to work on ALL episodes that dont have screencaps.
Holiday Greeting Message - Posted by Naruko on 2004-12-24
Dear Naruto fanatic, everyone here at Narutoworld.com wants to shout out to you: Happy Holidays!

I want to give a big welcome to our newest admin, Nogardeci. Like he posted in his announcement, he will be in charge of all the new episodes summaries and the battle summary section. His character analysis on Uchiha Sasuke is currently in the feature column, be sure to check it out.


Website Related Announcement - Posted by Nogardeci on 2004-12-15
With a new admin..(Thats me)..NarutoWorld is going to hopfully be updated more often. Im going to get to work straight away on the the things I have access to. (Episode Summaries)
Website Related Announcement - Posted by Naruko on 2004-10-10
Sound village character profiles - UP! Chuunin match summaries coming soon

  • AC forum's future Naruto-mod-to-be has wrote up wonderful character profiles for all the sound village characters (including manga ones), check them out in the Characters section.
  • Stay tuned for battle summaries for all the Chuunin major matches~
More naruto movie news... - Posted by Naruko on 2004-09-25
Hey, guys. If you haven't seen the naruto trailer yet, get it from http://www.naruto-movie.com

This movie is to be named "Daikatugeki!! Yukihime Ninpoujyou Dattebayo". The scheduled air date was originally set in August, but strangely, it looks like they moved it to later this years. The movie trailer revealed some bits and parts of the story line but nothing too detail.

Apparently, we get to see a bit of Kakashi's past. The movie setting involves a new task given to the Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura team. Led by Kakashi, the four person team rescues/protects a snow princess.

Unfortunately, this is about as much detail as we know we far. Stay tuned for more updates!

Website Related Announcement - Posted by Naruko on 2004-08-03
Submit your own episode summaries and battle summaries!

Website Related Anouncement - Posted by Naruko on 2004-07-10
Just for the pure fun of it!

Public Announcement - Posted by Naruko on 2004-07-05
We're getting a NARUTO MOVIE!

Naruto's official website (http://www.naruto-movie.com/) has just announced the news of a Naruto movie being released on August 21st. This movie will first air in Japan and heck knows, maybe with some devil's luck, fans on the other side of the earth will get to see it some day. XD

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