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Shikamaru vs. Tayuya - Rescue Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Shikamaru vs. Tayuya - Rescue Sasuke

Shikamaru vs. Tayuya

Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba and Akamaru finally caught up with Tayuya and Sakon who was carrying Sasuke. Shikamaru catches Tayuya with his Kagemane no Jutsu. Kiba then grabs the coffin which contained Sasuke. But unfortunately, Kiba and his dog Akamaru was blown away by traps which left them fighting alone with Ukon. Shikamaru and Naruto was still recovering from the shock but suddenly Tayuya appeared behind them, saying, “Kimimaro . . .” A man named Kimimaro appeared and Naruto’s the one who’s gonna be his opponent. Meanwhile, Shikamaru was facing Tayuya and she begins to insult Shikamaru. Tayuya and Shikamaru talked for a bit, and Shikamaru prepares to performed another Kagemane no Jutsu. Tayuya then summon three zombies, and she prepares to play her flute. Tayuya, in the forest, begins to play, her lightning seal begins to crawl across the back of her neck. The zombie-monsters attack Shikamaru to the tune of her flute; there are too many of them, and he's ambushed. Shikamaru was really having a hard time fighting Tayuya. He was breathing hard whereas Tayuya was unwounded and she was still playing her flute.

Shikamaru calls out to Tayuya, he says it must have taken a lot of practice to make such a complicated note, the co-ordinated attack of the three monsters with their creepy sewn-shut mouths. Tayuya replied that the nelody is indeed difficult and she said that a person like Shikamaru wouldn’t ba able to understand it. Tayuya also added that nobody that has heard her melody lived, and she begin the ninth verse which is a new form of attack:

Tayuya’s 9th melody which is the Symphony of Pandemonium. The three monsters launch at Shikamaru, but as they do, the stitches that hold their mouths shut begin to tear. The mouths open, and a great bulbous white mass begins to emerge from each. Shikamaru flees as the creatures spit forth huge worms, covered with wide, sharp-toothed mouths, emerging from the mouths like a second, eldritch neck. One of them catches his arm as he runs, and where it bites him, his arm wobbles in substance rather than being torn; there is a bite-mark in it, but it looks like bitten jelly, not flesh. Shikamaru falls to a tree limb, cursing. The long neck-worm creatures loom over him, and he hurls a shuriken, then jumps away, leaving an explosive tag in his wake; he escapes in a smoke bomb.

In his hiding place, Shikamaru analyzes his wounds and he decided that if he wants to win this battle, he has to defeat the summoner. Shikamaru contemplates that Tayuya might be pretty good at shougi. He takes stock of his weapons as if he's playing such a game: 12 kunai, 9 throwing stars, 1 flashbang, 1 explosive tag. Not much; like playing a game without the knight and rook.

Shikamaru and Tayuya began to play a cat and mouse game. Shikamaru was hurling shurikens to Tayuya while she just dodge it. Four more kunai comes at her. Shikamaru reveals his position: behind her-another kunai flies at her, and the monsters knock into one another. But the true purpose of the kunai is now clear: it severs the string that had attached the flashbang to the placed kunai. As it falls, Shikamaru tells Tayuya that the best thing about shougi is the part where you can use captured enemy pieces as your own. The device explodes in a flash of light, and Tayuya suddenly understands the ruse: he has extended tha shadows using the bright light. Shikamaru has captured all three monsters with his Kagamane no Jutsu. Tayuya's incredulous. How could Shikamaru figure out the melody so well as to know where all three monsters would be? But Shikamaru said that he never listen to the melody, instead he just watch Tayuya’s finger movements on the flute.

Tayuya was surprised that Shikamaru can break her attack. Shikamaru then lays out the details for her: pointer and ring finger control; left middle and pinky move the big central monster. Shikamaru used all of Tayuya's attacks, as he dodged, as time to gather information.

Tayuya attempts to control her monsters but it was futile. Shikamaru tried to use the monsters to attack Tayuya through his Kagemane. Tayuya then dismiss her summoning thus the three monsters are gone. But then, Shikamaru has hold Tayuya with his Kagemane! It appears to be another part of his plan. Tayuya then, was forced to use the 2nd level of her curse. Horns spring from all sides of her skull, hair flowing free. Proclaiming that his shadow bind and all his tactics are now worth nothing, Tayuya manages to move within the bind through sheer chakra.

Shikamaru then prepares a new technique which is Ninpo Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu. Shikamaru's shadow stretches a hand up Tayuya's body. His shadow's applying real pressure now, like a real hand; but it can't do any damage, and Tayuya is able to bring her flute up and play a new melody: Illusion Harmony. The genjutsu quickly takes hold of Shikamaru, and he throws a dagger, blindly. It hits a tree. Shikamaru can't move his body; in his mind, he is on a barren plain strewn with skeletons, his limbs tied and spread by long ropes from a mirrored sky. Tayuya steps out of the broken Kage Mane no jutsu, and in the illusion, Shikamaru's flesh begins to melt off of the bones of his arm. He begins to scream. Tayuya then pulled Shikamaru’s dagger out of the tree and prepares to stab him but stops. She realize that Shikamaru has broken his index finger and has recover from the Genjutsu and he has been waiting perform another Kagemane no Jutsu towards her. But now, with the decreased distance, his shadow-neck technique will be effective. Tayuya curses herself for getting so close. As his shadow-hand closes in, Shikamaru explains: even the dagger was part of his plan; after Tayuya said the flute was her only weapon, he threw the dagger in front of her, missing on purpose, so that she would pick it up and try a close range attack.

Shikamaru’s broken finger grabs Tayuya with the Ninpo Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu. Shikamaru hits Tayuya’s gut but Tayuya manage to block him. Shikamaru pushes all his chakra into the technique, advancing closer to Tayuya's neck, but the strange horns that are the manifestation of her level 2 seal also grow, and she slowly pushes him off. Shikamaru knows that between his expended chakra and her enormous reserves, if he releases the shadow neck bind, Tayuya will kill him instantly. He concentrates one last time.

But Shikamaru is low on chakra, his shadow hand is receding across Tayuya's body, and now Shikamaru is frantically trying to think out a new kind of strategy. Tayuya realize that Shikamaru is running out of options, and Shikamaru's trying hard not to think about Asuma's last minute rescue, but all he can think about now is being rescued.

Shikamaru's wish comes through though, because Temari of the Suna Gakure just came in the middle of the battle.

Submitted by tezuka_zone

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