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Naruto vs. Kimimaro - Rescue Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs. Kimimaro - Rescue Sasuke

(Takes place after Kiba/Akamaru’s been blown off with Ukon/Sakon) Naruto and Shikamaru’s still recovering from the shock, but suddenly Tayuya (who’ll become Shikamaru’s opponent) came up behind them, suddenly, Tayuya’s eyes grow wide and said, “Kimimaro . . .”

Suddenly, a shadowy figure swoops down on them and that is Kimimaro. Tayuya was surprise that Kimamaro’s able to move. Kimimaro replies that his body, in fact, cannot move; he's forcing it to by sheer willpower. Kimimaro thinks he now understands Orochimaru's dream of freedom from the prison of the natural body; he has passed that limitation, for a little while.

At the mention of Orochimaru’s name, Naruto leaps forward to attack Kimimaro but Tayuya step between the two and blocks Naruto’s attack. Shikamaru told Naruto to calm down, and he comes up with a plan for Naruto to retrieve the barrel that has Sasuke in it. The plan was executed and Naruto manages to avoid Tayuya and in Naruto went to the forest chasing Kimimaro that’s carrying the barrel that has Sasuke in it. And Naruto is slowly changing into Kyuubi.

Naruto catches up with Kimimaro, and Kimimaro notices Naruto’s strange chakra. Naruto ask Kimimaro why Orochimaru wants Sasuke. Kimimaro said that Orochimaru needs a container or a body for his already immortal soul.

Naruto is enrage and he prepares the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. The entire place is now surrounded with Naruto clones, hundreds of them. Naruto warns Kimimaro to not take Sasuke.

Then Kimimaro produces a bone-like blade through his palms. Kimimaro told Naruto to attack him at any time. Chakra’s burning through the clones and they all attack Kimimaro simultaneously. Kimimaro jumps above Naruto’s bunshin attack. He announces the Dance of the Willows, and from the center of the attack, the shadow clones begin bursting into smoke. Kimimaro's acrobatics are incredible; pushing their numbers advantage, nine clones ambush Kimimaro, trying to immobilize him. Kimimaro throws them all off at once-he can't be restrained that way. Like his palm knives, sharp bones jut out of his body in all directions. This is Kimimaro's bloodline ability.

Naruto(s) are shock to see Kimimaro use his ability to produce sharp bones out of his body on his command. Then Kimimaro cracks something, removes his shirt and an enormous bone came outta his shoulder. He pulls the bone out and use it as a kind of blade. Kimimaro’s skin heals itself. A few shadow clones attack with shuriken, but the bone sword blocks them. Kimimaro explains that his bone tissue is so compressed that it is hard as steel. Naruto vows to break them anyway; but Kimimaro tells him that he is a master of the five dances. Naruto can't assume he knows all his techniques from looking at him. Kimimaro announces the Dance of the Camelia, and Naruto prepares eagerly for the attack.

Naruto’s bunshins attacks Kimimaro but Kimimaro counters them easily. When all of Naruto's clones have been defeated, they have not managed to land a single blow. The combat is soon, interrupted, however, by the rip of a paper seal on top of the barrel. The seal broken, the barrel explodes into smithereens. Sasuke emerges, white-haired and dark-skinned, in a 2nd level curse state-but the curse slowly recedes as he walks away from Naruto and Kimimaro. Naruto calls out to Sasuke to ditch the Sound ninja and come back with him, but Sasuke just laughs. Naruto, angry, yells out, "Can't you hear me, dammit?"-and in response, Sasuke runs off into the woods, heading for the border of Flame country. During the distraction, Kimimaro has not been biding time; now he comes up behind Naruto, brandishing his bone sword, and begins a decapitating stroke. Naruto, surprised, has no time to counter, but with a cry of "Konoha Senpuu"-leaf-spinning wind-another ninja kicks the blade away. It's one of the reinforcements, Rock Lee.

Submitted by tezuka_zone

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