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Gaara vs. Kimimaro - Rescue Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Gaara vs. Kimimaro - Rescue Sasuke

Kimimaro recognize Gaara and he wastes no time. He throws finger bullets at Gaara and Lee. Gaara manages to block it with his sand wall. Lee asks Gaara why hes here, and Gaara says that he owes Konoha a lot. Gaara then traps Lee in a patch of sand in order for him to not interfere his battle with Kimimaro. Rock Lee shouts out a warning to Gaara that Kimimaro can throw his bones, grow them out of his body-control them in any way. Bones begin to sprout from all over Kimimaro's torso, and Gaara's sand emerges from its jug. Gaara's sand attack comes swiftly, and Kimimaro arches his back high over the blow, avoiding it, and sending the finger bullets. Gaara stands, arms crossed, as the bullets come-simply waiting for the shield of sand to protect him just like it always did. Kimimaro smirked and said that he, Gaara can probably only control as much as is in his jug, which is why he carries it; he will be powerless without sand. He declares Gaara's "desert rain" (suna shigure) attack boring, but he's taken by surprise when sand rises from the ground to grab his feet. Gaara replies, he may be unable to do anything without sand, but with sand, he can do anything. Gaara squeezes his fist, and the sand squeezes Kimimaro in the Desert Coffin, "Sabaku Sousou". The noise of his bones cracking fills the meadow. But then, through the bloodstained sands, the bones of Kimimaro's hand emerge, then his body, entirely encased in a white bone exoskeleton, blood trails mingling with the lines of the curse seal. The skin reforms over Kimimaro's "bone mask" protection. Kimimaro regrets having taken Gaara too lightly and he swore never to be taken like that again. Gaara concentrates, preparing a Ryuusa Bakuryu-Desert Avalanche. The sand rises around him, then forms a huge wave to his right. It sweeps over Kimimaro, burying the meadow and surrounding forest in a desert. Lee raises a hand to Gaara, asking if Kimimaro has been defeated this time; Gaara again answers no, then performs Sabaku Taisou. The sand responds with an enormous rumbling, shaking the forest. A hand, and behind it a long spiked tail, are emerging from under the sand. The bone-spiked tail lashes out of the desert as Rock Lee looks on in consternation, wondering what Kimimaro has become. Gaara is ready, making the sands swirl around his opponent. He performs another Sabaku Sou Sou, but Kimimaro breaks free, outrunning the murderous sand; his arms are darkened by the 2nd level curse seal, and as he frees himself, his new form is revealed. The dark lining of his eyes has extended across his face like a mask. Giant bones jut forward out of his shoulder blades, more from his ribs, cut so that the marrow shows. Sharp dinosaur-like vertebral spikes run down his back as well as the long thick tail he has sprouted. Gaara, still calm, erects a foot-thick wall of sand; but Kimimaro is more powerful than before. He breaks through the wall, and Gaara is thrown back several meters. Kimimaro pauses to taunt him, if this is indeed the extent of his famous defense; Gaara's hackles rise. The sand armor of his face cracks and drops away, as if in response to Kimimaro's taunt. But now Rock Lee takes advantage of the lull; reminding Kimimaro that he has two opponents, he approaches from behind, and lands a giant roundhouse kick to Kimimaro's neck. The kick barely phases Kimimaro; before Rock Lee can put up a defense, his tail swings around to knock Lee away. Only a swift sand shield from Gaara saves Lee from the full impact of the blow. In the exchange, however, Rock Lee has noticed something; Kimimaro's not as fast as he was. His body must still be adapting to the change. Kimimaro focuses his next attack on the more troublesome Gaara. He reaches back to the top dorsal vertebra, and slowly pulls out his entire spine, which he cracks like a whip. He begins Tessenka no Mai. The first step is Tendril. Gaara's sand-wall defense rises, but the spine, elastic, wraps around him, pinning him within his cushion of sand. Then comes Flower. Slowly at first, bones burst from around Kimimaro's wrist, thickening and spiraling, until his hand is encased in a sharp conic bone as long as Kimimaro is tall, opening into an eerie flower over his shoulder. It almost resembles a young lily. Kimimaro tells Gaara that this is the thickest bone in his body, and that Gaara's defenses will fall before it like the pathetic thing they are. But in the middle of his speech, Kimimaro coughs a bit of blood; the battle has exacted its strain. His death is coming for him swiftly now. Gaara has no time for speculation; he erects his final defense, Saikou Zettai Bougyo Shukaku no Tate. The tanuki-demon appears, formed out of sand, complete with hat and patterned clothing. Kimimaro's spinal whip protrudes through its belly; it stands protective before Gaara, grimacing, as the bone-lily approaches. Kimimaro's bone spear crashes into Gaara's defense-and shatters. Gaara explains that this particular barrier is made of strong minerals from underground, specially selected and pressurized with chakra for density. Kimimaro discloses that his bloodline ability, that of the Kayuga clan, is now only his. Gaara coldly states that soon the clan will be entirely finished. Kimimaro's willing to grant it, given his illness; but he maintains that he's not alone. While he works to fulfill Orochimaru's dream, he will be in his master's heart. Gaara replies that Kimimaro is brainwashed; soulless. He has overused his incredible ability; he's out of chakra. At Gaara's command, the ground turns to quicksand, and Kimimaro slowly sinks down. Gaara tells him as he falls that he will descend 200 meters and be immobilized by the weight of the sand on top and around him. One more time, Rock Lee asks Gaara whether the fight is over. Gaara looks down in consternation; from within the sand, Kimimaro is beginning the final dance: Sawarabi no Mae, Dance of the Seedling Ferns. Huge bones suddenly rise from the ground all around them. The meadow has become a forest of dry bone trees. Above, Gaara and Rock Lee sit on floating sand cushions. Gaara is at last willing to proclaim the fight over; Kimimaro is dead. However, he is incorrect; Kimimaro's torso, and the spear, sprout off of the bone-tree next to them. Furious Kimimaro yells at them and thrusts with the bone spear. Gaara has barely begun to raise the sand barrier when Kimimaro suddenly stops; blood drips to the sandy floor below them. Kimimaro's body, is soldified into stone.

Submitted by tezuka_zone

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