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Sasuke and Naruto vs. Haku Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke and Naruto vs. Haku

Upon the appearance of Naruto, Zakuza takes advantage of the situation and throws shuriken at Naruto's direction. However, Haku does the same, and he deflects off Zabuza's shuriken. Zabuza questions Haku's action, and Haku replies that he wants to fight Naruto himself.

During the meantime, Sasuke thinks about what to do in his captivity in the ice mirrors. Trying to figure out how he could somehow block off Haku's attacks, Sasuke comes up with a plan... and then notices that Naruto is right next to him. Naruto loudly whispers to Sasuke that he is going to save him, and Sasuke panics, knowing that now he and Naruto are stuck in Haku's captivity. Haku reenters his mirrors again, and quickly appears in another mirror behind Sasuke, posing for the next attack.

Sasuke counters with his fireball jutsu, figuring that he would at least melt off the ice mirrors. It doesn't affect the mirrors however, and so Naruto does his specialy move, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, duplicates himself, and each duplicate goes after a mirror. Faster than what the eye an see, Haku quickly moves between the mirrors, hitting all the bunshin at the same time, and strikes at the real one with his needles.

Kakashi now realizes that Haku's ability is a kekkai genkai - an inherited technique, and that from it's uniqueness, it cannot be copied by his Sharingan eye. Naruto, suddenly knowing the truth of the situation, announces that he has a dream to fuflfill, and that he cannot die in a place and at a time like this. Haku, thinking back on the times when he and Zabuza first met, replies that he also has his own dreams, and that he wishes to fulfill the dreams of the person he cares about the most. In order to do that, he will kill both Sasuke and Naruto.

Haku goes in for the next offense, and Sasuke and Naruto are implicated with Haku's needles. Sasuke, however, is narrowly avoiding the needles just enough so that they don't strike at his internal organs. With Haku's next attack, Sasuke focuses and concentrates on how Haku is going to attack, and wills himself to look through the intense speed just in time to grab Naruto and jump away from Haku's attack. Haku notices this, and then realizes that Sasuke has finally acquired the usage of the Uchiha kekkai genkai: the Sharingan.

Realizing the gravenss of the situtaion, Haku lunges in for the next attack, but this time it is at Naruto, who is on the verge of unconsciousness nearby. Sasuke quickly jumps in the way of Haku and receives Haku's needles, while knocking Haku to the side. Naruto comes out of consciousness, and realizes that Sasuke received the attacks. He shouts at Sasuke, asking him why he did it... and Sasuke falls backwards into Naruto's arms saying that he didn't know why. Sasuke talks about how he wasn't going to be able to accomplish his goal of killing his older brother, and tells Naruto that he better not die... Sasuke then closes his eyes.

Haku gets up from his spot, and goes into one of his mirrors again, saying that this is the what ever ninja goes through. Naruto growls for Haku to shut up... and takes on the ferocious power of the kyuubi.

Submitted by Jennifer

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