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Konoha Jounin vs Itachi and Kisame Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Konoha Jounin vs Itachi and Kisame

Episodes 81-82

At Kakashi’s request, Asuma and Kurenai pursue the mysterious pair and catch up with them next to a large recreational pond. The pair is revealed to be Sasuke’s traitorous brother Uchiha Itachi and the Hidden Mist missing-nin Hoshigake Kisame. Asuma and Kurenai inform the two S-class wanted criminals that they will not be allowed to leave. Kisame is eager for a fight, and Itachi decides that conflict is inevitable.

Kisame attacks with a massive downward slash of his giant cloth-wrapped sword, but Asuma takes out his two tekko (brass knuckles) with blades attached and blocks the sword. As the two are held at a deadlock, Kurenai steps back and uses a genjutsu to make herself disappear in a swirling motion. Itachi watches her closely, but after flaring his Sharingan once, he does nothing.

Meanwhile, Asuma finds himself being overpowered by the tip of Kisame’s sword, which indicates that Kisame must be extremely strong. The Akatsuki ninja forces the sword down until the flat of the wrapped blade rests against Asuma’s left arm, then suddenly pulls his sword back, tearing a large wound in the Konoha jounin’s arm. As part of the cloth wrapping falls away to reveal that the giant sword is covered in spikes, Kisame proclaims that his sword, Samehada, is designed to shave an opponent rather than cut.

Suddenly, Kisame find his leges being grabbed by the roots of a tree. The tree grows out of the ground behind Itachi wrapping its branches about him to hold his arms to his sides. Kunai at the ready, Kurenai appears leaning out of the tree above Itachi’s head. “This is it!” she proclaims as she stabs downward. Itachi makes no move to try to escape, but merely smiles.

Suddenly Kurenai is held in the tree’s clutches and Itachi is free. Kurenai realizes that when Itachi had flared his Sharingan while she was still preparing her genjutsu, he had exercised his greater genjutsu abilities to prepare a genjutsu reversal counter. The tables turned, Itachi draws a kunai to finish off Kurenai.

However, Kurenai steels herself and bites her own tongue, the pain freeing her of the genjutsu. She manages to duck Itachi’s blade just in time, but cannot dodge his kick, which sends her flying into the pond. Kurenai lands on top of the water relatively unharmed and ready to fight back, but finds Itachi has already moved behind her.

Meanwhile, Kisame continues to slash at Asuma with his sword, who has resorted to evasion rather than blocking. Asuma spies an opening and slashes at Kisame’s face, but Kisame easily dodges. Or so he thinks, until a gash appear on his cheek. Asuma grins as his tekko glow with cutting chakra that extends past the end of the physical blades. Annoyed, Kisame quickly forms the seals for Suiton Suikodan no Jutsu (Water Shark Missile Technique), sending a column of water out of the pond and flying at Asuma.

To his surprise, Kisame finds his jutsu countered by another Suikodan. As the water disperses, Kakashi is shown standing in front of Asuma, having shielded him by copying Kisame’s jutsu. A kage bunshin of Kakashi’s stands behind Itachi with a kunai at the Uchiha’s neck.

After some banter, Kisame is eager to attack the newcomer, but Itachi calls him off to face Kakashi instead. The Kakashi in front of Asuma is proven to be the kage bunshin as it disperses; the real Kakashi stands on the pond ready to fight Itachi. Itachi starts by drawing four shuriken in his right hand, but Kakashi suddenly jumps back, forming the seals for Ninpo Suiton Sujinheki (Water Barrier). A thick wall of water rises up around Kakashi, blocking several tendrils of water that had burst out of the pond towards Kakashi’s legs. Apparently, Itachi had drawn the shuriken in his right hand as a diversion while he formed the seals for the suiton jutsu with his left.

However, Kakashi’s success is short lived as a kage bunshin of Itachi’s appears behind him and stabs him in the back immediately after the Sujinheki disperses. Kurenai expresses amazement at the lightning-quick speed that Itachi can fire off his jutsus. But, to everyone’s surprise, Kakashi turns to water and disperses; Itachi had only succeeded in dispelling a misu bunshin (Water Clone) that Kakashi had created while hidden by the wall of water.

Kurenai reaches down into the water and takes a kunai from the real Kakashi, who had dove underwater during the confusion. Kurenai prepares to help Kakashi, but the copy ninja tackles her under the water, shouting that the Itachi whom he had been fighting all along was actually the kage bunshin; Itachi’s real body had hidden until it stabbed Kakashi’s misu bunshin. Itachi’s kage bunshin explodes, hiding Kakashi and Kurenai under the spray of water. Asuma jumps in to help them.

As the water disperses, the two teams line up on the pond, facing each other. Itachi closes his eyes, saying that he will show the Konoha ninja why the Uchiha clan was feared and reputed to be unmatched. He then slowly opens his eyes, and Kakashi realizes that Itachi is about to use his Mangekyo Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Wheel Eye). The copy ninja quickly closes his normal eye and tells Asuma and Kurenai to keep their eyes closed; looking into Itachi’s eyes could end it all. Itachi admits that Kakashi might be able to resist a little with his Sharingan, but states only one of the same Uchiha bloodline can truly resist it.

Suddenly, Kakashi finds himself in a strangely colored world, himself tied to a stake and two Itachis standing in front of him. Itachi explains that Kakashi is caught with his Mangekyo Sharingan jutsu, Tsukiyomi (Goddess of the Moon). In the world of Tsukiyomi, Itachi controls space, time, and the mass of objects, able to create any situation he can imagine for the next 72 hours. Itachi uses the time to painstakingly stab the helpless Kakashi with katanas over, and over, and over again.

72 hours later, Kakashi collapses back in the real world. Asuma and Kurenai worredly ask Kakashi what has happened, for he suddenly fell down after he stopped talking. On his knees and gasping for breath, Kakashi realizes that three days in the illusionary world of Tsukiyomi only lasts a second in the real world.

Itachi decides to take the weakened Kakashi hostage, and orders Kisame to kill the other two, who still have their eyes closed. Kisame charges forwards to dispatch them, but is thrown back as Gai appears, attacking with Konoha Dai Senpuu (Great Leaf Spinning Wind), a variation of the usual Konoha Senpuu spinning kick that strikes with the knee instead of the foot.

Asuma warns Gai about looking into Itachi’s eyes, but Gai explains that from fighting Kakashi many times, he has learned that to fight a Sharingan user. All they have to do is avoid looking into the Itachi’s eyes by watching his feet while they fight. Exhausted, Kakashi loses consciousness and sinks into the water, but Gai walks over and lifts him up. The Taijutsu user tells Kurenai to take Kakashi to a medical squad, while he and Asuma fight the Akatsuki members until the ANBU reinforcements he arranged for arrive.

However, Itachi states that they did not come to start a war, and that it is time to leave. Itachi and Kisame jump away, and the Konoha Jounin watch them go, lacking the forces to stop them without risking unnecessary losses.

Submitted by 8th-Shichinintai

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