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Naruto, Sasuke, and Jiraiya vs Itachi and Kisame Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto, Sasuke, and Jiraiya vs Itachi and Kisame

Episodes 84-85

Naruto answers the hotel room door to find Itachi and Kisame waiting for him. The two Akatsuki members tell a confused Naruto that he will be coming with them, confident that Jiraiya is busy with a girl in the town will not come to save the defenseless genin. Grinning, Kisame prepares to cut off Naruto’s legs so that he cannot run away.

However, he is interrupted when Sasuke appears behind them, declaring that he will kill Itachi. Screaming in rage, Sasuke quickly forms the seals for Chidori (Thousand Birds) and charges at Itachi, his every thought bent on avenging his murdered family.

The side of the hallway explodes as Itachi effortlessly grabs Sasuke’s wrist and hits it against the wall, squeezing it until Sasuke is forced to release the Chidori. Despite his amazement at the failure of Sasuke’s attack, Naruto calls upon the Kyuubi’s chakra to help. Sasuke tries to punch Itachi with his free arm, but Itachi snaps his left, and Sasuke collapses in pain.

Hurrying to save Sasuke, Naruto forms the seals for Ninpo Kuchiyose no Jutsu. However, Kisame swipes at him with his sword, Samehada, and Naruto finds that the chakra he summoned has dispersed. Kisame laughs as he explains that his sword eats chakra. He then readies a massive slash to cut off Naruto’s arms to keep him from using any more jutsu.

Just in time, a dog-sized frog appears and blocks the sword with its forelimb guard. Jiraiya enters behind Naruto with the unconscious girl, proclaiming that such a diversion will not work on him. Having undone the genjutsu that Itachi cast to control the girl, he then prepares to fight the Akatsuki ninjas.

However, Sasuke manages to get to his feet, declaring that Itachi is his alone to fight. He attacks Itachi with everything he has, but Itachi easily counters him, hitting him over and over. Scorning Sasuke for not hating him enough, Itachi uses his Makengyo Sharingan (Kaleidoscope Wheel Eye) to cast Tsukiyomi (Goddess of the Moon) upon his younger brother. Within the space of one second, Itachi forces Sasuke to relive the last day of the Uchiha clan for what feels like 72 hours.

Naruto darts past Kisame to help Sasuke, but Jiraiya quickly uses Ninpou Gamaguchi Shibari (Frog Mouth Trap), covering the walls, floor, and ceiling of the hotel hallway with the flesh of a giant Rock frog’s stomach. The flesh sucks Sasuke into it, pulling him out of Itachi’s grasp. Declaring that he will turn the two wanted criminals into food for the rock frog, Jiraiya causes the tunnel to extend fleshy tendrils at Itachi and Kisame. The Akatsuki ninjas make a run for it, but as they turn the corner, the wall of flesh begins to close in on them at the end of the hallway. Itachi closes his eyes…

A sudden explosion rocks the hotel. Jiraiya runs down around the corner after Itachi and Kisame, and finds that the fugitives had somehow managed to blast a hole in the end of the hallway, lingering black flames the only clue as to how they escaped. Amazed that Itachi and Kisame managed to burn the organ of a frog that breathes fire, Jiraiya uses a scroll and Fuuin Jutsu Fuukahouin (Fire Suppressor Sealing Technique) to seal the mysterious black flames, but Itachi and Kisame are already long gone.

Submitted by 8th-Shichinintai

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