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Kakashi vs. Zabuza Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Kakashi vs. Zabuza

On the bridge during the battle between Naruto, Sasuke, and Haku, Kakashi and Zabuza are in their own fight. Starting off with Kakashi, he moves to take off his hitai-ate (headband) and reveal his Sharingan eye. Zabuza responds by attacking Kakashi with a concealed kunai. However, Kakashi stops Zabuza's kunai with his other hand, getting impaled through the palm of his own hand. After a talk-off between the two, Kakashi reveals his Sharingan eye.

Zabuza, however, has something else up his own sleeve, telling Kakashi that his Sharingan eye won't work on him this time. He also tells him that he has found out the trick of his Sharingan eye, and with that, uses a jutsu which enables him to hide in the surrounding mist. Kakashi, with his Sharingan eye, looks for Zabuza through the fog, contemplating that the fog is too thick for even Zabuza to use efficiently. Suddenly, through the fog, shuriken come right at Kakashi, and Kakashi blocks off every single one of them with his own kunai. Zabuza comes up from behind Kakashi with closed eyes, much to the surprise of Kakashi. Zabuza then explains to Kakashi that he has been overly dependent of his Sharingan eye, and that back in their first battle, Kakashi has been bluffing about killing Zabuza all along. In other words, Kakashi was using his Sharingan eye in order to startle his opponents, using visual hypnosis to make it seem like he was copying his opponents.

With his eyes closed, Zabuza continues, the possibility of Kakashi hypnotizing him is eliminated, and concealing himself in the mist also gets rid of Kakashi's ability to point out his opponents. Kakashi counters that while he can't use his own eyes, neither can Zabuza. Zabuza, however, responds with that since he was trained with the art of silent killing, he can always kill without using his eyes. Kakashi, a bit shaken up, tries to pinpoint out where and when Zabuza will next attack. He then realizes that Sakura and Tazuna are completely out in the open, and a split second later, Zabuza appears behind the two of them. Kakashi quickly comes between Zabuza's sword and the two others, and gets slashed across the chest by the sword. Zabuza yet again uses his jutsu to conceal himself in the mist, and Kakashi unbuckles one of the pockets on his Jounin vest and takes out a scroll. With his thumb, he wipes off a bit of the blood bleeding from his slash wound, and with a flick of his wrist, draws a line of blood along the open scroll. Quickly rolling it back up again with more flicks of his wrist, he catches the scroll and with a couple of hand gestures, he summons a pack of dogs from the ground.

They pinpoint where Zabuza is with their noses, and with that, they latch on to Zabuza with their jaws. Trapped, Zabuza has nowhere to go. Kakashi explains that the dogs were able to find Zabuza by his smell alone. Kakashi uses a couple more hand gestures, and calls upon the his own jutsu, Raikiri. The chakra gathered up in the palm of his hand begins alsmost visible to Zabuza, and the ground cracks down from the power of Kakashi's Raikiri. Tired down by the dogs, Zabuza has nowhere to go, and Kakashi comes at him with Raikiri, aiming for his heart. Blood splatters through the air, and the dogs poof away. Kakashi realizes that instead of coming through Zabuza's heart, he has instead gone through Haku's, who has gone between the two of them to stop Kakashi's attack coming upon Zabuza. Latching on to Kakashi's arm with his own hands, Haku dies...

Zabuza comes right at Kakashi with his sword, intending to come through Haku's body in order to get to Kakashi. Picking up Haku, Kakashi transers them both over a short distance away. Picking up his sword again, Zabuza comes at Kakashi again, and Kakashi responds with a swift kick at Zabuza. Picking himself up again and becoming a bit desperate, Zabuza goes after Kakashi again, only to get smacked across the face with the back of Kakashi's hand. Zabuza swings his sword at Kakashi, and Kakashi appears behind Zabuza. Grabbing Zabuza's neck, Kakashi impales the upper part of Zabuza's. With both arms useless, Zabuza is unable to use any sort of jutsu or chakra. The battle is interrupted with the appearance of Gato and a league of hired renegades...

Submitted by Jennifer

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