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Sasuke vs. Lee Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke vs. Lee

With less than 30 minutes to turn in their Chuunin applications, Sasuke promises that he will beat Lee in only five minutes. Coming right at Lee, Lee responds with a side kick at Sasuke, in which Sasuke ducks from it. Another kick comes at his head again, and Sasuke blocks it with his arms. However, the kick comes through, and Sasuke is sent flying. Very surprised, Sasuke regains his composure, and reveals his Sharingan eyes.

Coming right at Lee, Sasuke thinks to himself that Lee must be using some sort of technique, and with that, Sasuke will uncover the technique and use it against Lee. He thinks to himself that this will put a stopper on Lee making the attacks on Sasuke.

However, Lee does a swift under kick at Sasuke's jaw, sending him flying up into the air. Propelling himself up behind Sasuke, he explains to Sasuke that he hasn't been using any ninjutsu, strictly taijutsu (physical techniques). Lee unwraps one of the bandages on one of his arms, preparing himself for the next move, when a toroise appears, and stops Lee by latching the end of the bandage onto the wall with a shuriken...

Submitted by Jennifer

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