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Sasuke vs Lee (Episode 22) Winner: Lee Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke vs Lee (Episode 22) Winner: Lee

Its starts off with Sasuke,Naruto,and Sakura leaving to go somewhere. Then Rock Lee comes back and said he wants to challenge Sasuke,not only because Sasuke is from the Uchiha clan,but also he wants to show Sakura how strong he is.Sakura gets freaked out and disgusted. Sasuke does not really want to challenge Lee because he thinks Lee is weak. Naruto gets pissed because nobody ever wanted to challenge him or even acknowledge him.Naruto runs towards Lee and tries to punch him but Lee easily blocks it and sends Naruto spinning towards a wall where he gets knocked out.Then thats when Sasuke finally agrees to fight.But then Sasuke uses his sharingan eyes.He then runs towards Lee but gets punched very hard.Sasuke wondered why he he didnt catch that with the sharingan.But Lee said things like "you may be able to figure out my movements but your body can not keep up with my speed".I forgot how, but he made Sasuke go up in the air and was about to make a move that his sensei told him not to make but then he was stopped by a turtle who I think was the master,Maito Guy or something. PS: I think its better if you watch the show.

Submitted by John Paul Gisog

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