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Naruto vs Sasuke (Episode 128-134) Winner: Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs Sasuke (Episode 128-134) Winner: Sasuke

After Sasuke emerged from the barrel, he began to head towards the Sound Country. Lee told Naruto to chase after Sasuke, and leave Kimimaro to him. With this, Naruto gave chase. However, Sasuke wouldn't respond to Naruto, no matter how many times he called his name. Naruto and Sasuke end up in the Valley of the End, where the First and Second Hokages fought each other to the end. From the beginning of the battle, it seems that Sasuke has an advantage (in the anime). He's attacking Naruto with everything he has, because a flashback explained that in order for Sasuke to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan, he must kill his best friend, Naruto. However, Naruto becomes serious after receiving a few attacks from Sasuke. Sasuke charges Naruto with his Chidori, while Naruto counters with the Rasengan. The result is a stalemate. Sasuke wants to avoid another stalemate, because he knows he only has enough Chakra for one more Chidori. He decides to first stop Naruto's movements, then use Chidori. He manages to grab Naruto, and tries to use Chidori, but instead of hitting Naruto's heart, Naruto deflects Sasuke's hand, causing him to hit his shoulder. Even though Naruto wasn't killed, Sasuke felt that the battle was over. However, Naruto begins using the Kyuubi's Chakra. This causes the wound to completely heal. Naruto's speed also increases, beyond the vision of Sasuke's Sharingan. At this point, Naruto has the advantage. Sasuke, however, still refuses to return to Konoha. He wants more power to defeat Itachi, who destroyed all of the bonds that Sasuke had. Naruto, however, wanted Sasuke to come back, because he was one of Naruto's first bonds. Naruto no longer has the advantage, because now Sasuke's Sharingan fully developed. He is able to read Naruto's movements and counter them. He engulfs Naruto in his Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu, and then slams his head into the ground from a great distance. A normal person would have died from the attack. However, the Kyuubi gives more Chakra to Naruto. Naruto's power drastically increases, and he has a fox-shaped red Chakra surrounding him, which moved separately from Naruto, which couldn't be followed by the Sharingan. Naruto's power increased, and the Chakra could be used to attack from afar. Eventually, Sasuke had to use the last option available to him, Curse Seal Level 2. By the time Sasuke went Level 2, Naruto's body was already beginning to fatigue. However, the two were still an even match. That is, until Sasuke sprouted wings that were similar to webbed hands. He used them to block a brutal attack from Naruto. The final move of the fight was a second Chidori vs Rasengan. Sasuke's Chidori was black, while Naruto's Rasengan had bits of red in it, and was used without a Kage Bunshin. The winner of this clash of attacks was Sasuke, who decided at that moment that he would gain power his own way, instead of playing into Itachi's hands. After the battle, Kakashi retrieves Naruto.

Submitted by homer

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