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Kankuro vs Tsurugi (Episode 41) Winner: Kankuro Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Kankuro vs Tsurugi (Episode 41) Winner: Kankuro

Kankuro enters the ring grinning making his sensei and Gaara of the sand very unhappy.Tsurugi Misumi(A sound ninja spy) has the abiltity to dislocate all of his bones. He captures Kankuro and says "If you give the smallest hint that of trying anything clever to avert defeat... ...I`ll snap your neck like a twig!" He snaps Kankuro`s neck, surprising Gaara,Naruto,Sakura,Shinto`s team, and Hayate. Thn Kankuro turns around and turns out to be a puppet. The real Kankuro springs out of hiding and breaks most of Misumi`s bones.Hayate calls Kankuro the winner and announces that the next fight will be Sakura vs. Ino. This fight also takes place during the manga in chapter 70

Submitted by Lord Master Katsuya Jonouchi

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