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Gaara vs Shigure (Episode 34) Winner: Gaara Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Gaara vs Shigure (Episode 34) Winner: Gaara

This fight is pretty much one-sided from the start. Shigure tosses up five umbrellas into the air, all of which then started shooting needles randomly. Then using his chakra, Shigure made all of the needles head towards Gaara. After a big dust cloud, Shigure is shocked to see that all of the needles were blocked by a giant barrier made out of sand. He tries his luck again but no dice. "A rain of needles, eh? Then I'll make a rain of blood fall." Gaara says. Kankuro explains to the rain ninjas that reguardless of Gaara's will, the sand will always protect him. Shigure gets really pissed and comes head on at Gaara (stupid idea). Gaara puts his hands together and perfoms one of his most used techniques: Dessert coffin. Arms of sand come up from beneath Shigure and wrap everything up but his head. With Shigure unable to move, Gaara slowly walks over and grabs one of his umbrellas. Then he lifts Shigure up into the air, and makes a fist which in doing so performs his other most used technique: Desert Funeral. The sand cocoon surrounding Shigure compresses in a flash, causing him to be crushed to death. As he said before, a rain of blood falls over everyone. He assures the other two rain nins that their team mate didn't feel any pain since there was no time to feel it. It's not like he really had to tell them that since he repeats the same process on the other two in a sec. The completely one-sided fight it over. Gaara 1, Rain nins zip.

Submitted by steve

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