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Kiba and Kankuro vs Sakon and Ukon (Episode 119-125) Winner: Kiba and Kankuro Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Kiba and Kankuro vs Sakon and Ukon (Episode 119-125) Winner: Kiba and Kankuro

This fight is kind of abrupt but it's a good one none the less. It starts off with Kankuro who is about to send Karasu on an asault when Sakon comes out of no where and grabs Kankuro's face. Remembering what happened to him Kiba warns Kankuro that they can assimilate with a persons body and hurt them from the inside. After a minute, Sakon realizes something is wrong. With a big smile on his face Kankuro grabs onto Sakon as his mask of sand comes off revealing a his new puppet, Kuroari. Kankuro jumps from the bandages of his puppet and warns the brothers that Sand ninjas aren't as easy going as Konoha nijas. Kuroari then opens up his six arms revealing large blades on them, and gives Sakon a big bloody bear hug! Sakon falls to the ground almost dead when Kankuro sends Karasu at Ukon. Ukon uses his second seal and runs over to Sakon assimilating with him so they can both heal quickly. Kankuro then sends Karasu after Ukon with an asault of hidden weapons (shirukens, blades, darts etc). Ukon easily dodges them all. After doing way to many back flips, Kuroari gets behind Ukon, opening his giant barrel chest. Kankuro then seals the chest with his chakra strings (its really funny hearing Ukon knocking on the chest going "LET ME OUT DAMN IT!!!"). Kankuro explains that Kuroari isn't an offensive puppet like Karasu. He's used to capture targets so that Kankuro can use his new jutsu. First Kanuro uses a jutsu called "Puppet Play". Immediately Kuroari reveals several holes on its body while Karasu splits into several pieces, all of which have a knife sticking out. Do you recall the common magic trick of sticking the assistant in a box and shoving swords through the box? Well Kankuro's about to do this but Ukon won't be doing any disappearing acts. Kankuro uses another jutsu called "Darkness attack". All of the arms and legs of Karasu (which are loaded to the brim with sharp things) go flying into the holes located all over Kuroari. After a final scream of pain from Ukon, Kuroari starts to fill up with blood. Kankuro may have won the fight, but he has a butt load of cleaning to do later on.

Submitted by steve

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