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Jiraiya vs Fuuma Clan Exiles (Episode 137) Winner: Jiraiya Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Jiraiya vs Fuuma Clan Exiles (Episode 137) Winner: Jiraiya

From start to finish you know who the winner is going to be. Jiraiya stands alone, boxed in an alley with a great number of men up on the roofs with arrows. After some jibber jabber they all shoot arrows at Kiraiya who uses a jutsu called Guardian spines. This jutsu causes Jiraiya's hair to become extremeley sturdy and sharp as well as long. He looks like he's in a big white fur coat at the moment. Everyone is amazed at this. The leader of the exiles get's pissed and charges at Jiraiya with his big butcher knife thing. Jiraiya easily dodges his swipe and uses Rasengan on him, sending him flying through the alley way. After a hillarious introduction, the exiles all beg for mercy not knowing that they were picking a fight with the legendary sanin, Jiraiya.

Submitted by steve

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