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Anko vs Orochimaru (Episode 30) Winner: Orochimaru Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Anko vs Orochimaru (Episode 30) Winner: Orochimaru

Anko decides to start with darts, but Orochimaru stretches out his snake toungue. She comlies to hi by using a jutsu he taught her called hidden snake hands. Immediately four snakes came stretching out from Anko's coat sleeve. They all grab onto Orochimaru and pull him to a tree near Anko. She darts over and shoves a shiruken through bove her and orochimaru's hand. Then she grabs his free hand and tells him she's goinf to "borrow" it for a minute. then she uses another justsu Orochimaru taught her; Dual Snake Destroyer. Using her hand and Orochimaru's to make the seal, they will both die instantly. But a voice comes from behind Anko, "are you planning on commiting suicide?". The real orochimaru appears behind Anko while the fake turns into mudd. Orochimaru is dissapinted with Anko. Not only is she his former student, but a special level Jounin, "couldn't you atleast use a technique I didn't teach you?" She pulls the shiruken out from her hand and throws it at Orochimaru who easily chatches it with his finnger. Then he makes a seal and Anko gasps in pain at her newly resurfaced cursed seal. After a chat about Sasuke and Orochimaru's plans, Orochimaru disapears.

Submitted by steve

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