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Hinata vs Neji (Episode 46-47) Winner: Neji Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Hinata vs Neji (Episode 46-47) Winner: Neji

After being inspired by Naruto, Hinata is ready to go. She activates her Byakuugan and the fight begins. The entire fight cinsists of Hinata and Neji using the legendary Hyuuga fighting style. After a while of evenly matched taijutsu and blue chakra flying all over the place, Hinata appears to have the advantage. She manages to graze Neji barely which is enough using her fighting style (even a graze can cause fatal internal damage). After another few moments of punches, Hinata and Neji are in a stand still. Someone has landed a big hit. A shot of Hinata's heart is shown just before you see Neji's palm on Hinata's chest. Hinata caughs up some blood but toughs it out and in a desperate attempt to hit Neji. He blocks it at the last second and sticks to of his fingers into Hinata's arm. The Hokage realizes why Neji is called the genius of the Hyuuga clan. Hinata's bare arm is shown with red spots all over it. Neji explains that he has hit Hinata's Tenketsu (a Tenketsu is like a chakra hole. There are hundreds of them throughout the body and if hit properly can increase or block chakra in that part of the body). Then he hits her again in the chest sending her flying back. After a few insults thrown by Neji, Hinata gets back up. more determined than ever, Hinata comes at Neji full force. While she is fighting, she has flashbacks of Naruto. After another attempt at landing a hit, Neji once again blacks and hits her (WAY TOO HARD!!!) in the face. Everyone is thinking thinking either that this fight is over, or Hinata is going to die except for Gaara is shakinng with excitement on his perch. Again, Hinata won't give up. She charges once againn at Neji. He dodges (again) and hits her in the chest. A huge amount of chakra comes out of Hinata's back and she falls to the ground. The winner is about to be anounced when Hinata gets up! Is this girl a zombie or something? Everyone is totally surprised. Hinata is up again. Neji just wants her to give up, but hinata sees through Neji. She actually feels bad for him since he so miserable. Neji's wicked pissed now. He charges at Hinata. The anouncer tells Neji the fight is already over. Just before Neji reaches Hinata, all of the Jounins poof in to save Hinata. Hinata coughs up blood and falls to the ground. Kureni listens for a heart beat and realizes that Neji was really trying to kill her. The fight is over. Congrats on beating up your little cousin Neji...

Submitted by Steve

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