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Sasuke vs Orochimaru (Episode 30) Winner: Orochimaru Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke vs Orochimaru (Episode 30) Winner: Orochimaru

Sasuke thinks about his brother before this fight, so you know he's pissed right now. Sasuke begins the fight by throwinng several kunai at Orochimaru who dodges them easily. They each exhange punches and kicks and Sasuke realizes that thanks to his Sharingan, he can see and atisipate much better now. Orochimaru then starts moving extremely fast, slithering around the trees and branches (much like a snake). Sasuke can still see him though and dodges him and counterattacks with a fire ball attack. This obviously doesn't affect Orochimaru at all, who dispells it easily. He then tunnels in the tree bark and attempts to slash Sasuke, who again dodges it. Orochimaru then attacks with an invisible wave of chakra which destroys a nearby tree. Sasuke manages to get right on top of him and sends him diving head first into the ground. Orochimaru looks quite dead right now, but it's a shame that that isn't the real Orochimaru. His mud replacement sinks into the earth while a rain of kunai falls towards Sasuke. He manages to dodge them all (big surprise) and using his wire, swings onto another tree. Orochimaru catches him off guard and kicks Sasuke's ass. With Sasuke motionless on the ground, Orochimaru walks towards him saying that "he isn't living up to the Uchiha name." It is then revealed that Sasuke let himself be pumbled so that he could leave some explosive tags on Orochimaru's back. Sasuke waits for them to go off and jumps up to another tree and throws several Triple Windmill Blades at him, pinning him to a tree. Sasuke then uses the Dragon Fire Technique to (what he thinks) kill Orochimaru. Sakura runs over to congradulate Sasuke on his victory. While they talk, Orochimaru walks through the wires like nothing has happened and uses the fear genjutsu on them to parylize them. With his voice changing from the Grass ninja's to the regular Orochimaru, he complements Sasuke on how well he uses his Sharingan. He then holds out the scroll he stole from them and sets in on fire. He then stretches his neck out and bites Sasuke on the neck, creating a curse seal and causing Sasuke to pass out. Sakura wants to know what happened to him and Orochimaru tells her that if he survives, Sasuke will seek Orochimaru out for power. Then he sinks into the earth, "bye bye".

Submitted by steve

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