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Sasuke vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 33) Winner: Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 33) Winner: Sasuke

Sasuke has just woken up from his sleep due to the curse seal. Purple chakra is spiraling around him and everyone is getting scared. He looks at Sakura's face and asks her who did that to her. One of the sound nins (I think his name is Zaku or something) says that he did it with pride. Sasuke gets pissed and the curse seal spreads even further over his face. Zaku decides to finish him off with one shot and hold out both of his arms and creates a giant sound wave. When the smoke clears, there is nothing but a cratter and Zaku thinks he's won. BUT sasuke is right behind him and sends him flying with a little nudge from his elbow. Then he forms the seals for the phoenix fire technique REALLY fast. Zaku puts out the fire with his air cutter technique but when the fire clears, it is revealed that there are shurikens hidden in the fire. He gets hit by a rain of shurikens and then Sasuke appears right in front of him and then puts one of his feet on his back and grabs his arms. Sasuke then smiles and says "you seem to be proud of your arms" and slowly starts to pull on his arms. He then breaks one of his arms and everyone in the area is horrified. As Zaku falls to the ground wailing in pain, Sasuke turns to one of the other sound nins and tells him that he'd better be more of a challenge than that other guy. As Sasuke walks over to the other sound nin, Sakura comes from behind him, hugs him and begs him to stop. He calms down and his curse seal disappears. The sound nin gives Sasuke their scroll, picks up his team mates and tells him that next time they fight, he and his team will not run and hide. fight over

Submitted by steve

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