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Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 33) Winner: Sound Nin Trio Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 33) Winner: Sound Nin Trio

This fight begins with Chouji who uses the double weight jutsu and then uses meat tank to become something much like a human pinball. He rolls at an extremely fast rate towards Zaku (one of the sound nin) who then uses his air cutter to blast sound waves at Chouji, holding him back momentarily. After a tand still, Chouji goes flying up into the air. Dosu goes to save Zaku before he gets flattened by Chouji, but is stopped by Shikomaru's Shadow Imitation technique. Zaku jumps out of the way at the last second before Chouji lands on him. Ino then tells Shikomaru to take care of her body as she uses the mind transfer technique on the third sound nin (a girl with a huge poney tail), Kin. Zaku gets out of the way of another one of Chouji's attacks, and asks Kin what's wrong with her. Kin (Ino now) opens her eyes and holds a shiruken up to her neck, telling the other sound nins that if they move then this girl is toast. She then tells them to leave their scroll and once they are far enough away, they'll let Kin go. Zaku and Dosu just smile. Zaku then points his arm towards Kin but it is blocked by chouji at the last minute. Inokin goes flying into a tree and blood comes out of Ino's mouth (Ino's real body). They all wonder why the sound nins would hurt their own team mates and Dosu explains that they don't care about scrolls or exams. Their only goal is Sasuke. Just then, Shikomaru's Shadow Imitation technique wears off (5 minute limit). Dosu then realizes that Ino is connected to Kin as a result of her technique so any negotiations are off. They would be capable of killing their team mate if they had to anyway. Shikomaru realizes that the current situation is "too troublesome" (that's like his catch phrase) and says it's time to stop.

Submitted by steve

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