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Kakashi vs Kabuto (Episode 51) Winner: Draw Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Kakashi vs Kabuto (Episode 51) Winner: Draw

This fight is short and sweet. The fight begins with Kabuto in a hospital room standing over Sasuke with a scalpel with three dead Anbu members on the floor. Kakashi walks in the rom and Kabuto doesn't hesitate to throw the scalpel at Kakshi, which is caught easily. Kabuto is impresses with Kakashi's skill but tells him that he sould have braught atleast ten people (cocky little bastard). Kakshi realizes that Kabuto isn't an ordinary Genin (no shit sherlock). After an exchange of words, Kakshi tells Kabuto "not to screw around with adults, you little prick" (yay Kakashi!). Kabuto holds up his crooked shuriken up to Sasuke and Kakashi goes in for the attack, knocking the shuriken out of Kabuto's hand and pinning him to the floor. Just then, one of the ANBU members (Kabuto) gets up and starts to run away. The ANBU member is stopped at the door by Kakashi's shadow replicant. The two Kakshi's walk towards the ANBU member when one of the other ANBU's gets up and jumps out the window. Kabuto takes off his ANBU mask and disappears. Back in the hospital room, the first ANBU that tried to run away collapses on the floor. Kakashi acknawledges Kabuto's cleverness as he realizes that he used a technique called the Dead Soul technique. A technique that allows the user to temporarily control a dead body by forcing the heart to beat. Kabuto simply dressed two of the ANBU members as himself and controlled them the whole time. The thing that stood out most is that after the fight Kakashi says that "I can't win against him in my current state." WHAT WHAT WHAT?!

Submitted by steve

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