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Shikamaru vs Temari (Episode 64) Winner: Temari Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Shikamaru vs Temari (Episode 64) Winner: Temari

This fight is interesting to say the least. It serves more as a way of describing Shikomaru but it's still a great fight. The fight begins with Shikomaru lying on the ground (he was pushed from the balcony to the arena by Naruto) with garbage (thrown by the spectators) all over him. Temari gets pissed and says "If you're not going to attack, I will!" She sprints over towards Shikomaru all determined while Shikomaru just pulls out two shiruken and says to himself "she seems excited over this..." Temari slams her closed fan onto the ground which creates a huge dust cloud. She looks at the rubble when the dust clears, and Shikomaru is standinng on the wall! He used the two shirukens to hold himself up at the last minute. Shiko tells Temari that he doesn't care if he becomes a Chounin, but a man certainly can't lose to a woman. So shiko decides to fight for real. Temari gets very pissed at this and waves her fan creating a huge gust towards Shiko. When the dust clears, he is gone again! Temari immediately knows that he is hiding in the part of the stadium with the most shadow. Sure enough, shiko is up in one of the trees inn the shady part of the stadium thinking to himself "but a man con't hit a woman either." Temari knows about shiko's shadow jutsus so she decides to keep her distance. Up in the stadium Ino is cheering enough for 20 people while chouji sits next to her with a huge bag full of potato chip bags. Down in the stadium shikomaru is spacing out, staring up into the clouds, "they're so nice...They're so free..." Then he thinks to himself that he only became a ninja because he wanted to live an fun life. Temari gets pissed again, thinking that Shikomaru is underestnimating her, and uses her main move, Sickling Winds. A HUGE gust of wind heads towards Shikomaru cutting up the trees around him. From the dust cloud Shikomaru's shadow stretches out for Temari. She flips back a few times and the shadow falls short by a few inches. Temari marks a line in the ground. She realizes that shikomaru has a limit to the distance, size, and transform his shadow. She uses her marker to tell where she is safe from the attack. Shikomaru just sits back ad starts day dreaming again. He then puts his hands together. Up in the stands, Kurenai wonders what kind of seal shikomaru is performing. Asuma explains to her that it is just a habit of his that he uses to come up with strategies. He then explains that although shikomaru is lazy, he is a tactical genius with in IQ over 200. He goes into talking about how shikomaru makes him play shougi with him (an japanese version of chess which correlates to war games). Down in the stadium shikomaru breaks his stance and pulls out a shuriken. Temari blows another gust of wind towards him. He hides behind a tree and takes off his jacket. Up in the audience Ino is anxious while chouji just says that shikomaru will give up soon. Temari blows another gust at shikomaru and a shuriken comes flying towards her. She dodges, and then blocks the second coming towards her from the left. Shikomaru's shadow comes for her again but Temari thinks she's safe since she's behind the line, but his shadow goes further than before. She realizes that shikomaru was just waiting for the sun to set so he could get better range. Temari thinks she better end it quickly before the sun sets, but then Kankuro yells over to her "watch out!!!" She looks up at the sky really worried as a second shadow forms in front of her. She quickly jumps back as the camera zooms in on a balloon that shikomaru made out of his coat and a shuriken. His shadow continues to follow her over towards the middle of the stadium. Temari continues to dodge until she is between the two holes in the middle fo the stadium (they were made during naruto and neji's fight) and once again out of range. Temari opens up her fan and worries about her time frame again. She hides beind her open fan and decides to make a replicant in order to catch shikomaru off guard and then finish him off herself. While she is performing the seals, she becomes frozen. Everyone is surprised. Shikomaru thought about a million steps ahead of Temari and purposley lured her between the holes so he could connect his shadow imitation technique to connect his shadow to the hole in front of Temari, and use the tunnel to attach his shadow from behind her. Shikomaru and Temari slowly walk towards each other. Everyone in th audience including the jounins and chounins are impressed with his intellect and tactical abilities. They all definately think he's chounin material. Shikomaru and Temari each hold up their right hands while up in the audience chouji starts eating like a machine. Temari quivers a bit, that is until shikomaru says "I lose. I give up." Everyone including (Temari especially) looks surprised to see this strange act. Chouji just laughs and says that no one knows shikomaru better than him. Temari asks shikomaru why he did this for her. He makes up some excuse about not having enough chakra yet, but everyone knows it's because of his moral code. fight over. Winner: you be the judge.

Submitted by steve

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