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Naruto vs Kabuto (Episode 93) Winner: Kabuto Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs Kabuto (Episode 93) Winner: Kabuto

Naruto starts this fight off with some shadow clones. He decides to occupy Kabuto with three clones in three different places and then hit his blind side himself. Kabuto easily defeats the three clones, and throws blood from his open wound into Naruto's eyes. Kabuto then destroys the three clones and sends Naruto flying into Shizune's (Tsunade's apprentice) arms. As shizune catches Naruto, she spits out several poisoned needles at Kabuto. Since Kabuto's nerves aren't acting normally (thanks to Tsunade), he can't dodge, but manages to block them with his forehead protector.

Submitted by steve

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