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Sandaime vs Orochimaru (Episode 69-79) Winner: Orochimaru Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sandaime vs Orochimaru (Episode 69-79) Winner: Orochimaru

This fight from start to finish is incredible. The fight begins with both Sarutobi (the Hokage) and Orochimaru running towards each other. Sarutobi uses a jutsu called tile shuriken which caues the tiles of the roof to lift into the air and hurl themselves at Orochimaru. Orochimaru uses the hidden snake hands jutsu which causes his toungue to turn into a snake. The snake weaves through the tiles, and bites Sarutobi on the neck. Orochimaru mocks how his age is affecting his performance. He gasps as Sarutobi turns into mudd. The real Sarutobi is behind Orochimaru and uses a move called Earth element, Moving land river, which turns the tiles orochimaru is standing on into a mudd slide. Orochimaru starts to form seals and saya that that won't be enough. Before Orochimaru an finish, Sarutobi uses another earth jutsu called dragon missile. A dragon's head made out of mudd appears and spits out mudd balls towards Orochimaru. Sarutobi then mixes this jutsu with a fire jutsu called fire dragon missile. He then blows fire at the mudd balls, creating fire balls, which pelter Orochimaru. When the mudd slide stops and nothing is left, Sarutobi says "stop the stupid acting, Orochimaru" Ortochimaru comes up from the floor and they both decide that it's time to get serious. They both take off their Kage robes, under which they are wearing ninja apparel. They stare each other down for a minute while pebbles, and various rubble begin to rise up from the ground. The ANBU members watching (they can't interfere due to a barrier) are astounded at what incredible chakra they are emitting. Sarutobi starts off by throwing a shuriken and then using the Kage Bunshin on the shuriken, creating about 20 total. While Sarutobi was performing the seals for this, Orochimaru was also creating seals for a kinjutsu called Reincarnation to the Impure world. Two coffins then come up from the ground in front Orochimaru. Sarutobi syas "so he's using THAT technique. Sarutobi then realizes that he HAS to stop the third coffin (it hold the fourth Hokage in it) and he does with a hand seal. The two remaining coffins block all the shurikens and slowly begin to open. Sarutobi says "he summoned those two of all people." The ANBU members as well as Sarutobi are amazed to see not only the first, but the second Hokage emerge from the coffins. The three Hokages greet each other. The first and second then commend Orochimaru for being so daring as to summon them. They apologize to Sarutobi, realizing that they don't have a choice now and must fight him (in case you don't know, the first and second Hokages were both the senseis of Sarutobi, and appointed him to the position of third Hokage). Orochimaru says that chitchat time is over and then places a shuriken (with seal tags)into each of their heads. An onlooking ANBU member wonders what Orochimaru is doing and another explains to him that the shurikens placed in the Hokages heads eraced their personalities and made them fighting machines which are now totally under Orochimaru's control. Orochimaru just sits back as the two former Hokages go in to attack their former student. Sarutobi gets a little teary eyed and gets a little nestaglic, thinking back to when he was a teenager, the day the two Hokages appointed him. The ANBU members tell him to snap out of it, which he does. The two Hokages attack Sarutobi from two sides. He blocks or dodges every one of their moves and then says "I'm attackinng now!" He then uses a fire technique called Fire Dragon Flame Missile. He then blows a great amount of fire at the two Hokages. The second Hokage manages to block it using an advanced water jutsu called water wall. The ANBU members are amazed since normally a water element move of that level can't be done in a place with no water. When the fire is all gone, the second then uses another advanced water move called Water Wave. As the name suggests, a huge tower of water surrounds the second and first, and then goes straight towards Sarutobi. Sarutobi uses an earth justu called earth wall. A giant cliff then appears in front of Sarutobi. He climbs up, avoiding any water. He jumps down as the first Hokage comes flying towards him on top of the water. Sarutobi blows some fire balls at him, which are all blocked. The first manages to get some heavy punches in, knocking Saru back. Sarutobi gets back up, but several water arms come up and pull Saru under. The secod then grabs onto him in attempts to drown Sarutobi. On top of the water, Saru is then shown flying out (somehow) and then climbs up onto the clif he created. From the water, several water jets shoot up, destroying the cliff Sarutobi is standing on. Back on the ground, Sarutobi looks over and gasps. The first Hokage has performed seals for a jutsu only he can use. It's a powerful technique which once ended a war called Secret tree element, birth of trees. As the name suggests, trees start sprouting up around Sarutobi. He does his best to weave in and out of the branches, but eventually gets caught. Orochimaru thinks the fight is pretty much over. Up in his branch prison, Sarutobi reaches out his now bloody thumb and summons the Monkey God King, Enma. Enma mocks Sarutobi, saying that he should have killed Orochimaru years ago. Sarutobi then asks him to transform into the free forming diamond pole (?). Orochimaru gets worried and tells the Hokages to kill them before Enma transforms. Enma slams the second Hokages through some trees, and punches the first onto another nearby tree and then tranforms himself into a long pole. The pole then flies over to Sarutobi, freeing him from the branches holding him. Orochimaru says that things are finally getting interesting and then regurgitates from his mouth a snake which then spits out the Kusanangi sword (It's like the excalibur of Japan, also known as "the sword of snakes" or "the grass splitting sword"). Enma warns Sarutobi that although he's as hard as a diamond now, he can still be injured by the sword. The two exchange blows to each other. Saru is on the attack mostly, making the pole stetch and become wider to great lengths. After a momentary stand still, the First comes from behind Sarutobi and trips him. While flipping back, Sarutobi slips an explosive tag on his leg. The Second than comes in to attack. He gets a couple good hits in, but Saru manages to slip an explosive tag on his arm. Before Sarutobi can get up from the last atack, Orochimaru says "now's my chance!" and gets in three good punches and a kick. While Orochimaru stands over his now teary eyed former sensei, Enma's eye appears on the pole and asks "what is wrong Sarutobi? Why are you holding back?" Sarutobi the wakes up and takes out Orochimaru's legs while Enma's arm reaches out from the pole and grabs onto his neck. He says "this is for you, Orochimaru", but before Orochimaru's neck breaks, he turns into mud and then reforms into himself. tobithen gives him a good hard kick, sending him flying back. Before either one of the Hokages can attack him, Sarutobi then makes a seal with his right hand, causing the tag on the first to explode. The with his left hand, he makes the same seal, making the tag on the second's arm to explode. After a moment, both the first and second's limbs grow back. Saru knows that he must help his former senseis so that their now bound spirits can go free. Before Sarutobi and Orochimaru begin again, Orochimaru laughs saying that "Someone known as the God of all ninja can't beat old age." Orochimaru the pulls off his face, revealing a young girls face. Saru then says "so you've finished THAT jutsu" Basically Orochimaru goes on about how he perfected his imortality justu, allowing him to transfer his mind into other peoples bodies. The one he is in now is number two. Sarutobi then thinks back 10 or 15 years earlier to him and two ANBU members discovering Orochimaru in the sewers on Konoha, conducting experiments on people for his imortality jutsu. Sarutobi could have easily killed him, but didn't have the heart to do so and simply let him go, never to return. Back to the fight, Orohimaru puts his normal face back on and the fight resumes. The first hokage then makes the branches rush towards Sarutobi. The enitre area is now filled with trees. Saru is safe in his cage made from Enma's pole, but he decides that it's time to finish this. He makes two shadow clones and then the three of them create the seals for the death jutsu. This is the same technique the fourth Hokage used on the Nine Tails. Behind him, the death god appears (a scary looking demon guy with huge spikey hair, a knife in one hand, and prayer beads in the other). The second hokage then uses a genjutsu called absolute darkness. As the name suggests, Sarutobi is then engulfed in darkness and cannot see anything. He takes several punches which he blocks, and thinks about Konoha and how he must protect it. The death god then grabs onto his prayer beads, and markings appear all over his arm (much like Sasuke's curse seal). The two shadow clones then grab onto each of the two Hokages. Each one of them apologizes to Sarutobi as the darkness disappears, and their souls are sucked into each one of the clones stomach. The hokages then turn to dust. When the dust hits the ground, it is then revealed that Orochimaru used the two sound nins from the chuunin exam (zaku and the girl with the long hair) as sacrifices for the jutsu. Sarutobi gets really pissed now and goes after Orochimaru with his pole. Orochimaru stops the pole with his Hidden Snake Hands jutsu, but Saru uses this time to get in front of Orochimaru and get a hold of him. Enma is now covered in snakes on the ground. Sarutobi tells Orochimaru that it's over, but as he doe this, Orochimaru makes his sword float from behind Sarutobi. As the death god reaches through Sarutobi into Orochimaru's soul, the sword also goes through Sarutobi. Now it's basically a stand still. Sarutobi has Orochimaru's soul, Orochimaru's sword is going through Sarutobi, and Enma is doing his best to hold back the sword. Over the course of several episodes, they go back and forth with this, but in the end Sarutobi doesn't have enough strength to take all of Orochimaru's soul, so instead of taking all of it, he seals Orochimaru's arms inside of him. This severely pisses Orochimaru off, since he can no longer can perform any seals. As Sarutobi falls to the ground, he smiles, regreting that he can't die with Orochimaru. Enma then pulls the sword from Sarutobi, saying that it's the least he can do for the one person who truly mastered ninjutsu. Awesome fight, and depending on how one looks at it, Sarutobi may have been the winner.

Submitted by steve

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