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Naruto and Sasuke vs Zabuza (Episode 8 9) Winner: Naruto and Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto and Sasuke vs Zabuza (Episode 8 9) Winner: Naruto and Sasuke

Zabuza traps Kakashi using the Water Prison Jutsu, using one of his hands. If the hand performing the jutsu moves, the Water Prison breaks. He then makes a water clone to defend himself. Anyway, Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura are left to defend Tazuna. Sasuke and Naruto realize that their only hope of survival is to free Kakashi. Naruto comes up with a plan. He makes a lot of shadow clones to attack Zabuza's water clone. All of them are destroyed. While that was happening, Naruto uses the distraction to throw Sasuke a huge shuriken. Sasuke uses the Shadow Shuriken jutsu and throws the shuriken at the real Zabuza. Zabuza catches the shuriken, but overlooks the second one in the shadow of the first. He realizes this and dodges it at the last second without moving his hand. The second shuriken turns out to be Naruto's shadow clone and transforms back into the shadow clone form and throws kunai knives at Zabuza. Zabuza dodges this, but breaks the Water Prison Jutsu in the process. Kakashi is free, and faces off against Zabuza.

Submitted by Shadowsharingan

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