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Kakashi vs Zabuza (Episode 13 18) Winner: Kakashi Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Kakashi vs Zabuza (Episode 13 18) Winner: Kakashi

Kakashi reveals his sharingan once again, and Zabuza uses his Hidden Mist Jutsu to make sure Kakashi can't see anything. Kakashi and Zabuza fight using kunai knives and shuriken for a while. Then Kakashi pulls out a scroll and cuts open his finger and uses the blood to make a long line on the scroll. This is his Vengance Paralysis Technique, which makes his nin dogs appear and bite and paralyze his opponent. Kakashi explains that he purposely bled over Zabuza's weapons, and the nin dogs smell that blood and bite on. He then uses his chidori and runs at Zabuza, read to blow him apart. Haku senses that Zabuza is in trouble and rushes in and throws himself in the chidori's path, killing himself and saving Zabuza. Just then Gato shows up with many warriors, and Zabuza rushes all of them alone, and kills Gato, committing suicide. Kakashi scares them away with a shadow clone jutsu (illusion, not solid).

Submitted by Shadowsharingan

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