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Sasuke vs Temari (Episode 72) Winner: Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke vs Temari (Episode 72) Winner: Sasuke

Both of the fighters jump up quickly to start. Sasuke throws some kunai all of which are blocked by Temari's wind. Temari then uses her Sickling Winds Jutsu. Sasuke dodges as the tree behind him is cut in two. He dodges the rest of the winds and throws some more kunai at Temari. She blocks it with a technique called dust wind. As Sasuke kicks back behind a tree trunk the tree branches surrounding him are all dowsed in sand. Sasuke decides that he needs to finish this quickly and uses his Pheonix fire technique. Temari is pleased knowing that he's wasting good chakra on her. She sky dives off her branch and dodges all of the fire. He then uses his blazing fireball jutsu on her. She blocks all of the flames with her fan and uses her sickling winds jutst. Sasuke jumps back but then trips on the sand covered branch from Temari's previous attack. As he falls to the ground Temari jumps up and nails him with some kunai. He falls to the ground head first. As she walks towards the body, she realizes that he not only used the replacement jutsu but placed an explosive tag on the fake Sasuke. The explosion sends he flying back. Fight over

Submitted by steve

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