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Naruto vs. Kakashi Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs. Kakashi

Comedy is still in the air as Naruto steps up against Kakashi. After Kakashi has given Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke a chance at letting them become his protégés, the three were assigned to steal bells from Kakashi for the sake of placement. Sakura and Sasuke immediately hid in inconspicuous places in the hopes of sneaking up on Kakashi, but brass Naruto stood his ground and asked for a fair match. Kakashi scoffed as Naruto made his advance. After a leaping punch, tornado kick, and forward strike, all three of which Kakashi escaped with the greatest of ease, Naruto finds himself being held up from behind by Kakashi’s calm and mocking words. Kakashi then executed “A Thousand Years of Pain,” or, as it translated on Naruto’s end, a swift poke to the butt. Naruto is sent flying into the air grabbing his behind in protection, eventually landing in the river.

That’s not to say that Naruto was finished. After crawling out of the water in a rather pathetic manner, Naruto is berated and mocked once again by Kakashi, who happened to be reading a romance novel nonchalantly at the time. After mustering up enough strength and ambition, Naruto summons his next attack: seven Kagebunshin that he had hidden in the river all that time. The group charge Kakashi, shouting invectives and soaking wet. Kakashi, analyzing the situation, claims that Naruto can only keep up the Ninjutsu for about a minute. It was then that an eighth Kagebunshin grabbed Kakashi from behind, holding him in place for the pummeling that came careening towards him. However, right before contact, the Naruto Kagebunshin were met with a surprised look as they realized that they had struck another copy of himself. The group went into a brawl with one another, all thinking that one of them had to be Kakashi in disguise. It turns out, Kakashi used a Kawarimi no Jutsu, effectively replacing himself with one of the Naruto clones. After Naruto returned to normal, horribly beaten by himself, he spies a bell shining brightly on the ground. Upon picking it up, he found himself tied upside down from a tree, while a derisive Kakashi stood below.

Submitted by Elysium

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