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Shino vs Kankuro (Episode 74) Winner: Draw Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Shino vs Kankuro (Episode 74) Winner: Draw

This fight is great since it's two characters who don;t get much time on screen as it is. The fight begins with Shino and Kankuro staring each other down. Kankuro then activates his puppet control jutsu and spins his wrapped up puppet, Karasu out. Shino makes his bugs come out from his arms and wrap around his arms. Kankuro is pretty disgusted seeing as how the bugs live within Shino. Kankuro sends Karasu flying towards Shino. As Shino dodges, a blade extends from Karasu's arm and dowses the branch Shino was standing on with poison. Kankuro tries to hit him again with another arm but Shino dodges and jumps into a nearby tree. A couple more dodged blows by Shino and he hides in a leaf filled area. Kankuro says "you're not getting away!" and sends Karasu down towards Shino and extends several rib cage blades. Shino nails the puppet with a couple of kunai. To his surprise the puppet turns into a log. After realizing it was a replacement Shino quickly dodges the puppet's blades which come from bellow him. Kankuro says "not good enough" and does a couple finger movements to make some kunai shoot out from Karasu's mouth. The kunai nail Shino in the head and the chest. Kankuro thinks it's over but then Shino's bug replacement disperses into a million little bugs. Shino pops up right next to Kankuro and throws one hell of a punch. Unlucky for him, Kankuro dodges and compliments Shino's exceptional ability. Shino then goes into explain that Kankuro is cleary a long range type fighter who uses the medium of a puppet, therefor close range combat is not his bag. Kankuro again compliments Shino and then sends a missile out from Karasu's arm. Shino makes a shield out of bugs, but the missile disperses a cloud of poison around Shino. He gets a little fatigued since he inhaled a small amount of the gas and starts to breath heavy. Karasu floats up slowly and extends his poison blade. He nails Shino right through the stomach but it's just another bug replacement. Kankuro then sees where Shino was hiding. He tries to get Karasu to move but for some reason he is stuck. Shino (gasping for air) says "it's useless". What Shino did was block up all the joints in Karasu with his bugs. The bugs then start to move allong Kankuro's chakra strings (they devour chakra if you don't know). Kankuro then cuts his chakra strings to throw off his location. Just then Karasu's head pops off. Kankuro gloats at his ability to reatatch his chakra strings at will. Karasu's head goes flying towards Shino. A HUGE needle comes out from its mouth. Just before it nails Shino, it stops. Shino looks in relief at the poison dripping down from the huge needle. Kankuro looks in disbelief and then gasps at the sight of Shinos bugs all over his hands. They had eaten off his chakra strings right before Karasu got Shino. Kankuro then falls out of his hiding place covered in bugs. Shino explains that when he missed his hit on Kankuro a few moments back, he meant to do it. What he did was place some female bugs on Kankuro. They have an odor to them that is easily found by the male bugs which Shino carries with him. Kankuro is now totally covered in bugs and falls from the tree he is in. Shino says sorry to Sasuke (in his head) and passes out from te poison. It's a double knock out but clearly Shino won the fight.

Submitted by steve

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