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Jiraiya vs Orochimaru (Episode 94-95) Winner: Jiraiya Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Jiraiya vs Orochimaru (Episode 94-95) Winner: Jiraiya

(Note: Orochimaru doesn't have the use of his arms thanks to the third Hokage's death curse) This fight is shown in bits and pieces allong with several other events going on so it isn't one of the best. The fight starts off with the summoning of Orochimaru's giant two-headed snake. Jiraiya attempts to summon a giant frog (anything big enough) but due to a drug Tsunade slipped in his drink, his powers are being supressed. He manages to summon a little red frog (useless). Orochimaru laughs and goes in to attack. Jiraiya starts by using a technique called Hell Swamp. Underneith the giant snake a giant muddy pit appears engulfing the snake. Jiraiya could have taken the whole snake down had he not been drugged. Orochimaru says "let's begin" and starts funning after Jiraiya. While Jiraiya does his seals for a technqiue called Guardian Needles (makes his hair grow and cover his body in a fur coat of razor sharp needles), Orochimaru stretches out his neck with an insane look on his face. He high kicks Jiraiya and the needles go right throuogh his foot. He then moves Jiraiya's hair asside and bites his neck. He tells Jiraiya to just give it up. After a peak into Naruto and Shizune's fight with Kabuto, Orochimaru and Jiraiya are standing on the snake as if nothing happened. Orochimaru tells Jiraiya that he, the man who was once known as "the insanity of Konoha" has fallen, doing petty chorse for the village. He then talks about Naruto, saying that in his eyes, Naruto is just an ordinary kid. Jiraiya says that's why he chose Naruto. He says that he doesn't need some Uchiha kid who learns everything fast, and that it isn't the number of techniques a person learns rthat determines his strength, but the person's guts. Later on after seeing that Naruto has mastered the Rasengan, Orochimaru decides that Naruto could be potentially dangerous if kept alive. He grabs onto Jiraiya with his tongue and uses him to swing himself towards Naruto and sends Jiraiya flying into the ground. After Tsunade saves Naruto's life, both Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya summon their most powerful beasts. Gama Bunta the frog boss, Mando the Giant Snake, and Katsui the giant slug. The fight starts off with Mando who wraps around Katsui. Before he bites her head off, Gama Bunta comes flying in and tries to stab Mando with his dagger. He misses and Mando grabs onto his dagger with his massive jaw. Katsui splits herself into a million little slugs and reforms herself in a safer place while Gama Bunta back flips and dodges his own dagger which mando threw with his mouth. Jiraiya then says "how about some oil" as he does some seals. Gama Bunta gathers up a monstrous amount of oil and spits it out. As he does this, Jiraiya does a basic fire blowing jutsu. Their combo forms a gigantic fire blast which engulfs Mando. When the smoke clears, Jiraiya notices that Mando shead his skin at the last second and dug undergrond to escape any damage. Just then Mando's huge tail comes up from underground but it is caught by Gama Bunta. Mando's head appears behind Gama Bunta but before he can bite the giant frog, Tsunade impales him through the mouth with Gama Bunta's dagger. Tsunade then proceeds with the brutal ass beatng of Orochimaru. I guess for the most part it was really a win for Tsunade and Jiraiya.

Submitted by steve

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