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Gaiís Team vs Kisame (Chapter 260-261) Ė Winner: Gaiís Team Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Gaiís Team vs Kisame (Chapter 260-261) Ė Winner: Gaiís Team

The fight begins with Kisame who is holding his big blade Samehada. Neji takes a look at him with his Byakugan and is amazed at the amount of chakra he is emiting. He states that the only other person he's seen with so much chakra was Naruto. Kisame then tosses his sword up in the air, claps his hands together and slits up an entire lake! He then uses his chakra to make a wave under himself on which he chases after Lee, Tenten, Neji, and Gai. He goes in for Gai first but before he can land a hit, Lee comes in and kicks his sword away. Just then Neji flies in and uses a move called Eight Way Wind Palm to send Kisame flying. His sword comes flying back into his hand and he uses it to catch himself. Just then a giant spike ball with an explosive tag comes flying towards Kisame. It causes a huge explosion. Tenten who is holding a giant scroll is pissed, knowing that he dove under water at the last minute to dodge it. Gai then finally remembers who Kisame is, severely pissing him off. Gai goes flying in with his Konoha Whirlwind kick and manages to grab a hold of Kisame's sword handle and knock it away. He then shouts "Now!" and his three subordinates come in from above Kisame. He quickly does the water clone jutsu. Each one of the three clones protect Kisame and then use the water prison technique to trap the three in bubbles of water. Gai comes flying in with Kisame's sword. At the last second, the hold of Kisame's sword becomes spikey and sharp, cutting up Gai's hands. The sword then flies into Kisame's hand as he tells Gai that his sword, Samehada only obey's him. Gai wips out some nunchuks and Kisame says "let's do this!". He comes at Gai like a bullet, making a huge water tower as he and Gai are in deadlock with their weapons. He manages to send Gai flying under water and then uses a technique called Five Feeding Sharks. Under water wive water sharks comes spiraling out from Kisame's fingertips Gai then crosses his arms and says "I guess I have no choice." In an instant Gai releases all eight of the gates (inner gates of the body which can grant Hokage level power to the user). Gai is emiting so much chakra that the water around him has receeded. At the same time, Neji emits chakra from his whole body, destroying the water prison holding him. Gai pops in front of Kisame in an instant. Neji has now destroyed all three of the water clones, and all three subordinates of Gai watch in amazement. Gai gives Kisame one good kick, which sends him flying upward. Neji, Tenten, and Lee all know the fight is over now. Gai then uses a move which involves him doing about a thousand punches. Two huge fireballs form around Gai's hands as he punches Kisame once more. The end result of all this is a huge smoking crater containing a body. Each one of the four ninjas look in astonishement at not the body of Kisame, but another ninja. What Kisame had done long before the battle was perform a fairly common Akatsuki jutsu. This jutsu allows the user to take a dead body (a sacrifice) and give that body the same facial features, mind, as well as 30% of the users chakra, and almost all of their jutsus. He had done this jutsu to a sand village jounin and controlled the body from about 2 miles away.

Submitted by steve

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