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Shikamaru, Naruto, Kiba, and Neji vs Kidoumaru (Episode 115) Winner: Draw Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Shikamaru, Naruto, Kiba, and Neji vs Kidoumaru (Episode 115) Winner: Draw

This fight is awesome especially for all you Neji fans out there since he rarely gets any screen time. The fight begins with Kidoumaru who has pinned Neji down into a tree with his chakra webbing. Kidoumaru then makes a big golden spike come from his mouth which would have impaled Neji had he not broken the chakra web at the last minute. Neji barely dodges the spike and then runs onto the spike run in front of Kidoumaru. Neji says "it's over" and gets into an oh too familiar stance. The giant green divination circle forms around Neji which signals the beginning of his Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms technique. Kidoumaru takes all 64 hits and gets blown away through a tree trunk. When the smoke clears Kidoumaru is covered in the same gold substance that he used to try and impale Neji with. He explains to Neji that the golden substance covered in him is very tough material and can even block chakra. This guy's ability is allot like Gaara's Armor of Sand. Neji then realizes that his divine punishment attack is now useless. He looks away for a second and Kidoumaru is gone. Kidoumaru is revealed to have a very playful way of fighting, very similar to that of a spider. He decides to toy with Neji for three minutes and then kill him. Hidden up in a tree Kidoumaru lets go of a spider thread and a kunai comes flying in towards Neji. Neji dodges easily and then realizes that the explosive tag on the kunai is only a fake (I didn't understand either). Then a rain of kunai comes down upon Neji. Kidoumaru gasps as Neji uses his Swirling Wind Rotation to fend off all the kunai easily. Staring in horror at the crater surrounding Neji, Kidoumaru wonders if he has eyes in the back of his head. Neji then turns around quickly and throws a kunai at Kidoumaru which hits the area right on top of his head. Kidoumaru is astounded seeing how talented Neji is. Neji calls him out. Kidoumaru looks at Neji's veiny Byakugan eyes and wonders if he can not only see in all directions but if he can also see the flow of chakra. Kidoumaru decides to get serious and activates his curse seal. He swings from a tree branch and makes a cts cradle type thing out of webbing and then cuts his thumb in order to summon a giant spider. The giant spider creates a huge egg sack and Kidoumaru then vuts it open releasing thousands of little spiders. Neji uses his whirl move in order to destroy the little buggers, but the thread attached to the spiders stops the whirl since it's so sticky. Kidoumaru hides in the trees again and looks for a weak point in Neji. Another wave of spiders come flying in towards Neji. He's beginning to get tired during his assault on the spiders and pauses for a momment. His divination circle forms around him as he gets into his stance, but he then makes his stance more lower to the grounds and another ring with symbols all over it forms around his divination circle. Neji then uses not a 64 point attack but a 128 point attack! Kidoumaru looks on and realizes that if he takes even one hit from that attack, he's finished. So Kidoumaru increases the number of spiders. Eventually Neji is surrounded with sticky thread and cannot do his whirlwind defence, leaving him vulnerable to Kidoumaru's kunai. Neji gets grazed by one kunai on his soulder which pleases Kidoumaru greatly. He again increases the number of spiders. Neji gets in his stance but is hit by one kunai on his back. Neji is very tired now as he allows himself to be covered by a few threads. Kidoumaru releases more kunai than ever this time. Neji dodges almost all of them and still kills some spiders. This time he gets hit by two kunai on his back. With his pony tail now cut loose, the long haired Neji falls to the ground. Kidoumaru laughs and reveals to Neji that he has figured out the weakness of the Byakugan. There is one point on all of Neji's field of vision. It's on his back just a few inches below his neck. Kidoumaru tells him that it's useless to keep fighting and that it's the weaker person's destiny to die first. Neji thinks back to his fights with Lee, Hinata, and Naruto in which he tells them sort of the same thing. The giant spider Kidoumaru summoned then jumps down from the web and lands right on Neji. Neji puts his palm up and overloads the spider with chakra causing it to explode. The resulting explosion covers Neji in sticky thread leaving him open for another wave of kunai. This time he gets hit by three kunai. Kidoumaru then activates his second curse seal and move back further. He then creates from his mouth a gold bow and an arrow. He launches one arrow at Neji but no cigar. Kidoumaru then realizes that Neji has been holding up a bubble of chakra around him the whole time. Whenever something came within the bubble it would fall off course. Kidoumaru launches a second arrow, this time giving it a more precise course by attaching a chakra thread from his mouth. Once again he misses. He only managed to graze Neji's face and knock off his forehead protector. Kidoumaru makes one last arrow which he is sure will hit Neji. He launches the arrow. It cuts through tree after tree and finally reaches Neji who decides to take it on full force. The arrow goes through Neji's left shoulder area. Neji just smiles and grabs onto the chakra thread attached to the arrow. He pours his last bit of chakra into the web, leeding all the way back to Kidoumaru who gasps in pain. Kidoumaru jumps from the tree and decides to finish Neji off. Before he can do anything, Neji appears right in front of him and says "you play aroud too much!" and beats the crap out of him. Both fighters are exausted. In his dying moments Kidoumaru tells Neji that Sasuke went to Orochimaru of his own will and is now in the darkness. Neji tells him that there is someone who can save Sasuke from the darkness. The very same person who saved Neji from the darkness; Naruto. Kidoumaru dies and Neji smiles and passes out. A single feather falls in his hands. No, he isn't dead, he's just completely out of strength and chakra.

Submitted by steve

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