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Naruto and Sakura vs Kakashi (Chapter 257) Winner: Naruto and Sakura Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto and Sakura vs Kakashi (Chapter 257) Winner: Naruto and Sakura

After the reunion between the three team mates, Kakashi takes Sakura and Naruto to a very familiar place. It's the place where he first took them when they became Genins. He decides to test Naruto and Sakura's growth by doing the bell test once again. Before he says "go", Naruto throws several shuriken at Kakashi. He ducks and throws several of his own as Naruto runs towards him. Naruto then Kage Bunshins a clone and uses the clone to hurl himself away from the shuriken. Then Naruto transforms the clone into a giant shuriken. Kakashi poofs behind Naruto and holds him still, but then the real Naruto poofs behind Kakashi and holds a kunai up to his back. Flashback to a younger Naruto, and Kakashi holding him still saying "I didn't say go yet..." Then Kakashi finally says "go!" and poofs out of sight. Sakura looks around and then punches the ground. Both Kakashi and Naruto have scared looks on their faces at the gigantic crater Sakura has created from one meer punch. Sakura's training under Tsunade has had some really scary results. The crater Sakura made revealed Kakashi's hiding place which was underground. Flashforward to later that night, Naruto and Sakura are running out of time and try to think of a way to get the bells from Kakashi. After thinking about it, Naruto comes up with a brilliant idea. Over in Kakashi's hiding place, he sniffs the air and can tell Naruto and Sakura are near. They both charge after him. Kakashi thinks this is a poor tactic on their part but then Naruto shouts out that the last joke in Kakashi's favorite "makeout tactics" (Kakashi reads these religiously. Naruto knows how the series ends because his master, Jiraiya wrote them) book is...Hearing this, Kakashi covers up his ears. He then realizes that he could also read Naruto lips using his Sharingan so he closes his eyes. This is the chance Naruto and Sakura need to finally get the bells. When Kakashi opens his eyes, Naruto and Sakura are standing over him, smiling with a bell in each hand.

Submitted by steve

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