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Naruto vs Zouri and Waraji (Episode 13) Winner: Naruto Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs Zouri and Waraji (Episode 13) Winner: Naruto

Naruto defeats these two of Gatou's henchmen easily. Zouri and Waraji kidnap an tie up Inari's mother, while Inari just stands there crying over how he can't do anything to protect her until he rmembers what his father and Naruto says about protecting others. Inari then decides to rush at the two henchmen, this gives Naruto a chance to save Inari's mother and use a Substitution Justu to protect Inari. Once the guys realize that they didn't kill Inari they try to attack Naruto, who throws two shurikens at the guys, but are easily deflected. As the shurikens are deflected they transform into two Shadow Clones and the easily beat the twon henchmen with one kick.

Submitted by Prince

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