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Naruto, Sakura, and Sasame vs Orochimaru (Episode 140-) Winner: TBA Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasame vs Orochimaru (Episode 140-) Winner: TBA

At the beginning of the fight, Orochimaru tells Sasame that she did very well in coming to his keep. She simply asks "why?" (she's talkin about the fact that Orochimaru has her cousin Asagi who is the current head of Sasame's clan, the Fuuma. Orochimaru just takes off his mask revealing that he is Asagi disguised as Orochimaru. Before Sasame can give her older cousin a hug, he stops her and transforms into something wicked. It's very similar to the movie AKIRA. Out from his back, two huge muscley lumps of flesh appear. Out of the shoulders appear two other Fuuma clan members. Basically this fight is a back and forth brawl between Naruto and Asagi, with a couple of pop-ins by Sakura. After a few minutes of exchanged blows, Asagi uses the strongest technique in the Fuuma clan. After performing every animal seal in the chinese zodiac, Asagi makes a pyramid out of strong chakra. He launches it at Naruto who becomes trapped inside of it. Asasgi explains that he can constrict the pyramid as much as he wants and eventually it will crush Naruto. After seeing that Sakura can't do anything to help, Sasame gets desperate and stabs Asagi in the shoulder, destroying one of the Fuuma clan members. After a final plead by Sasame, Asagi seems to have awoken, but it is all an act. He forms a pincer and tries to kill Sasame. Sakura jumps in at the last minute and saves Sasame. After some more pleading and and hug from Sasame, Naruto breaks out of the pyramid, causing an amazingly huge explosion. Asagi who has been freed of the lumps of flesh, then saves Sasame from the eplosion. After Jiraiya jumps in with a huge frog, Asagi refuses to escape the crumbling building with them, knowing that he has become a human puppet of Orochimaru and would only die if he left Orochimaru's fortress. He remains to die in the soon to be caved in room, but tells Sakura that Orochimaru gave everyone under his command specific instructions never to let Sasuke back into Konoha. This gives new hope to Sakura, knowing that Orochimaru (the real one) had told her earlier that Sasuke's body rejected his new curse seal, resulting in his death. I give this fight a C+, B- at best. It would have been cooler if it was actually Orochimaru. Quicker, but cooler nonetheless.

Submitted by steve

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