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Sasuke and Naruto vs Oboro (Episode 27-28) Winner: Sasuke and Naruto Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke and Naruto vs Oboro (Episode 27-28) Winner: Sasuke and Naruto

After coming back from taking a piss and being pretty vocal about it, Naruto is punched really hard by Sasuke. Sakura tells Sasuke to take it easy. Sasuke tells Sakura that Naruto's kunai holster is on the wrong leg and reveals the fake. Oboro, a rin nin reveals his identity and rushes towards Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke jumps up and uses his Pheonix Fire jutsu and blows some fireballs at Oboro who quickly dodges them all. Sasuke and Oboro then each go after each other and clash their kunai. Sasuke then sees the real Naruto and throws a kunai at the ropes tied around him, giving Oboro an opening. He throws some kunai at Sasuke. Sasuke dodges and then sees the explosive tags all over the kunai and jumps out from the tree he is in. Sasuke lands on all fours and Oboro pops in behind him, teling him that unless he hands over his scroll of heaven, he's dead. Sasuke just smiles as a kunai (courtesy of Naruto) comes flying in. Oboro jumps out of the way quickly. Sasuke then causes the kunai to stick to his foot using chakra and then hurls it at Oboro. Oboro dodges (like he hasn't been doing enough of that) but then is stabbed in the chest by Sasuke. Oboro gets pissed about coming alone and runs off.

Submitted by steve

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