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Sasuke vs Haku (Episode 13) Winner: Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke vs Haku (Episode 13) Winner: Sasuke

The battle starts with Haku swiping at Sasuke with a needle and Sasuke blocking with a kunai. Zabuza is impressed that Sasuke can keep up with Haku, but not too worried about it. Kakashi tells Sakura to stay near Tazuna and let Sasuke deal with Haku. Haku asks Sasuke to give up, and Sasuke farts in his general direction (metaphorically speaking). Haku tells Sasuke that Sasuke can't keep up for long, and that he's ready t do two attacks at the same time because there is water splashed around and one of Sasuke's hand is busy parrying a needle leaving only one hand free. Then he starts performing seals with only one hand. Sasuke's like WTF?! then Haku uses The Thousand Stinging Needles Of Death. (I don't know how to say that in japanese). The technique works by turning all the water into needles which all fly toward the target from all angles. Zabuza wonders if Haku really meant it when he told Sasuke he'd rather not kill him. Sasukes like Oh Holy Crap... then concentrates all his chakra in his feet and uses the energy boost to jump above Haku's attack. Haku notices he missed, then wonders where Sasuke is. Sasuke throws some shuriken, all of which Haku doges with relative ease. Then Sasuke appears behind Haku with a kunai and mentions "Your not that fast." and also says that now Haku has to worry about defending himself. Sasuke swing at Haku from behind with the kunai, and Haku blocks Sasuke's arm before he can be hit. The kunai is facing away from Haku so Sasuke reverses it and does a very short range throw at Haku, who duck and lands on hands and knees behind Sasuke. Sasuke turns around and kick's Haku very very hard in the face, (or mask, really). Haku goes flying backward towards Zabuza who's like I can't believe this guy. He actually beat Haku in a match of sheer speed??! Sasuke goes on a quick bragging rant ("Your fast. I'm faster.") and Kakashi does a quick team intro. Zabuza tells Haku id his current level of combat keeps up, Sasuke will kill him. Haku basically says "Yes boss" and uses Ice Crystal Magic Mirror Technique, completly surrounding Sasuke in ice mirrors. Kakashi is a bit freaked because he's never even heard of the attack. Then Haku steps into one of the mirrors and appears in all of them. Kakashi gets worried about Sasuke and runs to help but Zabuza gets in his way, reminding Kakashi that he is Kakashi's opponent. Back to Sasuke. Haku shows him some REAL speed and hits Sasuke with what looks like about a million needles from a seemingly impossible viratiy of angles. Zabuza threatens to kill Sakura and Tazuna if Kakashi tries to intervene on Haku and they start their fight. Sakura leaves Tazuna for a moment and throws a kunai it Haku, who leans out of a mirror and catches it. While he is distraced and exposed Naruto arrives on the scene (though no one notices yet)! He throws a shuriken at Haku who is hit on the mask, leaving a long slash mark, and knocking Haku out of the mirror for the moment. Then Naruto announces his presence very very loudly and lands on the middle of the bridge in a explosion and a huge puff of ninja smoke!

Submitted by Kyuubi

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