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Kabuto vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 23) Winner: Sound Nin Trio Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Kabuto vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 23) Winner: Sound Nin Trio

The fight is really a very short scuffle right before the first exam. Kabuto has just talked to the rookie nine, and the Otonin are offended by the way Kabuto implies their village is a backwater. They decide to attack him. Abumi, (Zaku) jumps over the heads of some of the other applicants and throws two knives at Kabuto's feet. Kabuto jumps back and is suprised to see Kinuta (Dosu) in front of him. Kinuta swipes at Kabuto's face but Kabuto doges by pulling his head back, almost more quickly than anyone can see, (which is a very small indicator that he's actually and ninja genius instead of right in the middle, skill wise, and that he's only pertending to be bad). Despite the fact he dodged, the lenses of Kabuto's glasses shatter. Though the reader doesn't know, what happened was; even though Kabuto dodged the punch, sound waves from the thing with holes strapped to Kinuta arm hit Kabuto, dispite him making the psycal blow miss. Even though his glasses broke, Kabuto doesn't seem phased: he calmly takes the glasses off, pokes out the last bits of glass and begins to think about the way he was attacked, ignoring the Otonin. Then he starts shaking, leans over and vomits on the floor (still ignoring the Otonin). The Otonin, who have linded up, just smirk. I don't think Kabuto was really hurt (at least not badly) but he definatly came off second best in this encounter.

Submitted by Kyuubi

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