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Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto vs Orochimaru (Episode 28-29) Winner: Orochimaru Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto vs Orochimaru (Episode 28-29) Winner: Orochimaru

Just after defeating Oboro, a rain nin, Sasuke tells Naruto and Sakura the password they have to remember in case someone attempts to disguise themselves as one of them. Just after telling them, the three hear something. It's just a soft breeze at first, but then it turns into a huge gust, and then a great explosion. The ground is now imprinted with a huge line. At the beginning of the line stands three grass nins. A girl (orochimaru disguised) tells her teammates to go have some fun on their own. Back at the crash site, Sakura comes from her hiding area, finds Sasuke and tells him the password. Naruto comes back all smiley and says the password perfectly as well. Sakura is relieved and Sasuke smiles and throws a kunai at Naruto. Sasuke tells Sakura that the real Naruto could never remember such a long password, and he dodged the kunai smoother than Naruto would. The fake then undose the Henge and licks with his long snakey toungue. About 1/4 mile back, Naruto is pinned into a tree with smoke all over him (he didn't dodge the attack). He gets up and a giant snake wraps around him and swallows him whole. Back at Sasuke and Sakuras battle ground, Orochimaru pulls out his scroll, wraps his drooly toungue around it and swallows it. He then says "lets begin...bY pUtTiNg ouR liVeS oN tHe liNe!!!") and pulls the skin under his eye down a little bit. Just then, Sakura and Sasuke both see themselves dying. Everything is red, screams are being heard, and they are both being mutilated just before two kunai hit them in the head. Sasuke and Sakura are frozen with fear. Sasuke says that that wasn't even a jutsu, it was just an strong intent to kill. After throwing up, Sasuke looks over at Sakura who is all teary eyed. Orochimaru says he's dissapointed but "oh well, I'll end it in a flash". He throws to kunai at Sasuke. Sasuke finnally manages to move by stabbing himself in the leg. He then grabs Sakura and flies off. Oh ya if yur wondering wut happened to Naruto, he used the Kage Bunshin and made the snake explode. Back to Sasuke and Sakura who are hiding in a tree. Sakura is fine now since she's good with Genjutus, but Sasuke looks confused, scared, and in a great panic. He has no idea what to do when Sakura tells Sasuke to look out for the giant snake near them. Sasuke jumps out of the way, gets scared again and throws several shirukens into the snakes mouth, killing it. Orochimaru rises up from inside the snake corpse and talks about hunters and prey blablabla. He then shoots up and starts slithering around the trees (his torso is stretching). A few shurikens and kunai hit the tree just in front of Orochimaru. Naruto apologises for being late and says he forgot the dumb password. Sasuke tells Naruto to run since Orochimaru is at a level beyond all of them. Sasuke then offers Orochimaru his scroll in exchange for leaing them in peace. Orochimaru talks about predators and prey again when Sasuke throws the scroll over to him. Naruto comes in in a flash and catches the scroll himself. Sasuke tells Naruto that he doesn't understand the situation and then Naruto decks him in the face. Naruto thinks Sasuke is a fake since he's acting so cowardly. He then tells Sasuke that he's the weak one who doesn't understand the situation and Orochimaru agrees. He then rolls up his sleeve revelaing a strange spikey tatto. He then cuts his thumb and makes a blood line on his arm. He then summons another giant snake as Naruto charges in. The giant snake misses him at first but then manages to knock him through some trees. Naruto then goes Kyuubi and punches the snake, sending a shockwave through the snake. Naruto then goes bezerk and punches the shit out of the snake. He comes in for another barage but Orochimaru blows some weird looking fire at him. Sasuke and Sakura are really impressed as is Orochimaru, seeing Naruto as a serious threat. The snake closes in on Sasuke but naruto jumps in at the last minute. With a kunai in each hand, Naruto holds back the snake. Naruto asks Sasuke if he's allright "sacredy-cat!!!". Orochimaru then wraps his long tounge around Naruto. He states that Naruto is very interesting since he can use the Kyuubi's power for himself. He then lifts up Narutos shirt and examines his seal. On each of Orochimaru's fingers a purplish flame appears. In each little fire ball an elemental symbol appears. Orochimaru then shouts out "Five elemental seal!" and pushes his fingers into Narutos chest. Ontop of Narutos Kyuubi seal, five other seals appear, causing disruption in his seal which makes Naruto go normal again. Orochimru takes Narutos scroll and tosses him asside. Sakura throws a kunai which holds Naruto to a tree so he doesn't fall. Sakura then tells Sasuke that Naruto can be annoying but atleast he's not a coward. Sasuke then thinks about his older brother, activates his sharingan and gets ready for his fight. This fight segways into the next episode.

Submitted by steve

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