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Kakashi vs. Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Kakashi vs. Sasuke

Next up came Sasuke to vie for a bell. He started things off by throwing shuriken straight at Kakashi-sensei, who promptly dodged out of the way… only into a trap Sasuke had set up beforehand. Seeing a barrage of kunai barreling at him, Kakashi quickly ducked out of the way again, only this time, to be confronted from behind by Sasuke. Sasuke released a trio of kicks and punches, each being blocked with a moderate amount of difficulty from Kakashi. However, in the upside-down position he had worked himself into, Sasuke grabbed for one of the hallowed bells Kakashi tied around his waist. Seeing this, Kakashi immediately jumped back in astonishment at Sasuke’s skill. After getting lectured at by Kakashi for a few minutes, Sasuke grew impatient, and cast his Grand Fireball no Jutsu, again, to Kakashi’s astonishment. It looked as if Sasuke got the best of Kakashi, but it so turned out that Kakashi’s hand erupted out of the ground, pulling Sasuke in, leaving only his head above. From there, Kakashi laughed and lectured some more.

Submitted by Elysium

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