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Naruto vs Gaara (Episode 75-80) Winner: Naruto Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs Gaara (Episode 75-80) Winner: Naruto

It starts off where Gaara transforms into his full Demon form, and Naruto summons the frog boss, Gamabunta. Gaara attacked, but Gamabunta blocked the attack with one of his attacks.Then the one-tailed demon used a sleep technique so he became stronger. Then Gamabunta said "You've got to dispel that sleep technique! "punch him or Knock him out." So Naruto had to get closer and let Gamabunta grab on. So he transformed Gamabunta into the nine-tailed fox. Gamabunta grabed on to the one-tailed demon. Gamabunta said with a hurry "Quick, Punch him!". So Naruto jumped on to the one-tailed demon and tried to punch Gaara. But the sand Kept blocking him. Finally, Naruto manages to punch Gaara, and then Gamabunta and the one-tailed demon disappear. Naruto and Gaara are wounded on the ground, and can't move. Naruto is crawling slowly to Gaara, Which is wounded on the ground and Gaara said "Why do you help other people?". Naruto anserwed "there are some people that you like, that you have to protect".

Submitted by Dominic Hu

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