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Sakura vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 32) Winner: Sound Nin Trio Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Sakura vs Sound Nin Trio (Episode 32) Winner: Sound Nin Trio

After some flashbacks, Sakura frees herself fron Kin's grasp by cutting off her hair. She tossed 3 kunai at Zaku who deflects them. Luckily(yeah right!),Sakura dodges. She attacks Zaku who braces himself only to find out she used Substitution(long word,huh?)! Sakura keeps this up and attacks Zaku (finally!). Zaku's punching her like crazy, as she's biting his arm. Ino watches while remembering when she and Sakura were pals. They(Azuma's team)jump out and prepare to attack. It was really Sakura v.s. Zaku. And Zaku won!? This was a crazy fight and probably Sakura's best fight!........YET!

Submitted by Dion of St. Vincent

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