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Lee vs Gaara (Episode 48-50) Winner: Gaara Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Lee vs Gaara (Episode 48-50) Winner: Gaara

In all truth, Lee should have won this fight, but Gaara cheated. Okay, first things first. I don't like flashbacks in the middle of my fights, and I hope you don't either so, let me describe them now. All of the flashbacks relate how the kids picked on him due to the fact that (gasp) he CAN'T USE NINJUTSU OR GENJUTSU, Lee's shinobi way, how he was always beaten by Neji, how hard he trained, and Master Gai's influence on him and compassion, in that order. Okay? Okay. First, Gaara threw his cork at Lee, who caught it with ease. As soon as the proctor said begin, Lee attacked with the Konoha Hurricane, which was blocked by the sand, which astonished Lee (apparently he had not seen Gaara in action yet). The sand arced around him and flew at him, which he dodged by jumping back. At once he atacked twice more with a left punch and kick, both blocked by sand. Kankuro tells Naruto that nobody has ever wounded him thanks to the sand at the moment a punch to the front is blocked. Gai reveals to Sakura that Lee cannot use ninjutsu or genjutsu. Hands of sand reach up from the floor trying the grab Lee, but he jumps onto the two giant hands at the end of the arena. Gai tells Lee to take off the weights on his legs, which he does letting them drop to the floor, creating huge craters in the floor. Everyone is shocked. At Gai's command, he headed behind Gaara with speed that Gaara sand wall could barely match. His next four attacks ( a punch to the right side of Gaara's head, a kick to his face, a punch to the back of his head, and a punch to his right ribs) are barely blocked, some getting through. Gai starts bragging about Lee. All the while Lee appears behind Gaara, backflips over him, and brings his foot down, scratching Gaara's face. Shock spreads through the Genins. Now there is no doubt that this is an equal fight. Lee once again gives the appearance of being behind Gaara, only to appear in front of him and give him a right hook, sending Gaara flying across the floor. Gaara gets up and a crazed look is upon his face, causing Kankuro to state that the "other Gaara" is now awake. The sand cakes over Gaara, and Kankuro explains Gaara's sand armor and sand shield combo, stating that it's the ultimate defense. Lee rushes him and attacks with the Forward Lotus attack (kicks him into the air, attacking him all the way to the height of the blow, then wrapping the bandages on his arms around Gaara, and using them to twist slam him into the ground). All look at Gaara, whose face cracks and reveals nobody to be inside the armor. It is shown that before the final wrapping attack, Lee flinched which gave Gaara enough time to slip out of his armor. He appears behind Lee and hits him with and wall of sand, slamming him into the wall. He then proceeds to attacke him with another round of sand, which Lee barely blocks. Gai points out that the Forward Lotus has tired Lee to the point of exhaustion. Gaara attacks Lee again, causing him to land a few feet away. Right about now the flashbacks start, and I already described those. So, back to the fight. Lee is running away from Gaara's sand attacks, and is surprisingly able to use his speed again. Gai states that "the lotus of Konoha will bloom again" and he and Kakashi start talking about the 8 inner gates and Lee's ability to use them. Quick definition: 8 inner gates are limiters on a person's chakra. If a person can open all eight of the gates, that ninja will be given powers that surpass even the Hokages, but that person will eventually die from it. Luckily, Lee can only reach the 5th gate. In order to bounce back from his injuries, Lee released the 2nd gate, Kyumon the gate of rest. Before doing so, he had to open Kaimon, the gate of opening. Next, he opened the 3rd gate Seimon, the gate of life, turning his skin red from the power. Then he opens the 4th gate Shomon, the gate of pain. After that, Lee makes his move, running across the floor so fast that the ground breaks in his wake. He begins the Reverse Lotus, kicking Gaara into the air and through the ceiling, and it is noted that his sand can't keep up. He appears in front of Gaara, punching him towards the ground, following up with a punch up from behind in a split second. He continues this ping pong action and it is noted that Lee's muscles are tearing. Lee finally appears in front of Gaara, realeasing the 5th gate Tomon, the gate of closing. Lee shouts to Neji that this move was to be used on him, but he'll give him a sneak preview. Lee then proceeds to wrap his left hand bandage around Gaara, punching him down with his right and pulling him up with the bandage only to punch him straight down again into the floor, causing a huge explosion. Lee falls limp to the floor. Gaara is thought to be finished, but when the dust clears, it is revealed that the gourd itself was made out of sand and was used to cushion Gaara's fall. He begins to attack Lee again, using the Sabakukyu, the coffin of crushing sand. Arms and legs latch onto Lee's limbs, but Gaara is prevented from finishing the move by Gai. Gaara has a massive headache, obviously not being able to comprehend why Gai helped him. Fight over.

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