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Zabuza vs. Kakashi team Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Zabuza vs. Kakashi team

Zabuza, the hired Jounin ninja sent to kill Tazuna-san, confronts the Kakashi team at lakeside. After matching wit and throwing invectives at one another, Kakashi and Zabuza begin to match strength. Zabuza immediately summons a mist throughout the battlefield, limiting Kakashi’s vision. Kakashi counters by adjusting his forehead protector. No, really. However, during the adjustment, his left eye is revealed as the frightening Sharingan. He then proceeds to charge up his Chakra, scaring even Sasuke with the “intent to kill.” After mollifying Sasuke’s fears, however, Kakashi is met by a Zabuza who has snuck up between the bunched trio of Genin ninja. Kakashi, seeing that Zabuza would effectively kill all four of his company, moves instantly directly below Zabuza and stabs a kunai through his stomach.

The battle, however, was far from over. Kakashi realized that Zabuza had used a Mizubunshin no Jutsu, making a clone of himself out of water. Upon striking, the copy disappeared, only to have Zabuza cut Kakashi in half. Kakashi, however, not to be outdone, had managed to copy Zabuza’s Mizubunshin no Jutsu with his Sharingan, and stood behind the new Zabuza, kunai at his throat. It was over for Zabuza.

Despite that, Zabuza smirked. Kakashi, seeing this slight change of heart, slits Zabuza’s throat, only to find this, too, was another Mizubunshin. The real Zabuza appeared right behind Kakashi, ready to chop this real one in half. Kakashi, however, quickly ducked out of the way, only to be greeted by a foot in his face. He is sent flying, as Zabuza instantaneously followed up with his giant knife. As he gave chase, however, he found throwing nails littering the ground. Zabuza, seeing this, laughed to himself and pursued Kakashi, who was now in the water.

Little did Kakashi know that Zabuza controlled the water in that lake. He quickly formed Water Prison no Jutsu around Kakashi, effectively holding him in place, and sent a Mizubunshin to do his dirty work with the three Genin.

Naruto was the first to challenge the clone. He, however, got knocked back even before he got near the Mizubunshin, and lost his forehead protector. Sasuke tried next. Throwing shuriken as fast as he could, he approached Zabuza’s clone, throwing caution to the wind. Upon having all the shuriken blocked, he jumped up and delivered a falling stab with his kunai… with the results of being choked by Zabuza. He was casually tossed aside. Naruto, now, seeing his forehead protector under Zabuza’s foot, realized that he had promised all along to himself that he would become the next Hokage. A new strength awakened within him, and he charged the clone with all his strength. Despite the fact that he got knocked back again, he managed to get his forehead protector back, a sure sign that the tides would be turning.

After having a nice and enjoyable chat with the villain, Naruto came up with a plan. However before he could execute it with the help of Sasuke, Sasuke got the wind knocked out of him by an elbow to the stomach. Naruto, seeing the dismay of his comrade/rival’s face, quickly summoned his Kagebunshin no Jutsu, and group-speared the Zabuza clone, who just kicked Sasuke aside. After having all of his clones knocked aside easily, Naruto realized that the last resort was to toss a large shuriken to Sasuke. Sasuke, upon receiving it, knew the plan, and proceeded to throw it straight at Zabuza’s clone. As it came closer and closer, it wizzed by the copy, only to go straight for Zabuza himself. He, however, easily caught it. What he didn’t rely on, however, was a second shuriken coming straight for that arm. He still managed to dodge that one and indulged in an evil laugh. He, however, didn’t see that the shuriken was really Naruto in disguise, as Naruto had transformed back into his human form, throwing a kunai right at Zabuza’s arm holding Kakashi. Zabuza, not having any other choice, pulled out just in time to avoid having it involuntarily pierced, but in doing so, released Kakashi.

Kakashi was now very mad. After giving his team words of praise, he proceeded to berate Zabuza. Zabuza, not to let trash talk get by, retracted the shuriken and slammed it down on the back of Kakashi’s fist. Kakashi, not flinching one bit, pushed it to the side, sending the shuriken flying towards the sky. They both jumped back, and as Zabuza started chanting the words to activate another Ninjutsu, Kakashi copied each chant perfectly with his Sharingan. They both summoned the Water Dragon Blast no Jutsu, a stalemate. Following the explosion of water around them, they locked swords; Zabuza with his eight-foot-long cleaver, and Kakashi with his four-inch-long kunai. They both jumped back, and as Zabuza started to perform another Ninjutsu, he found Kakashi doing the exact same thing. Kakashi, seeing the advantage, then started to creep out Zabuza by finishing Zabuza’s sentences for him, as if telepathically. Zabuza, not to let these mind games get to him, quickly started to activate Water Explosion no Jutsu, but instead, found Kakashi already performing it on him. He is knocked against a tree as the battle ends. As Kakashi comes to finish the kill, a dart is thrown at Zabuza’s neck, killing him instantly. A lone boy in a mask appears and takes Zabuza away.

Submitted by Elysium

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