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Shino vs. Zaku - Chuunin Exam Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Shino vs. Zaku - Chuunin Exam

This is the fight of the 2nd match of the 3rd test in the Preliminary Matches of the Chuunin Test. Zaku used only one arm because Sasuke broke Zaku's arms in the 2nd test of Chuunin Test when Sasuke in his cursed seal technique. Zaku used Zankuuha and knocked out Shino but merely hurt him a little. Shino asked his Destruction Bugs to attack from one side and gave him a choice of killing the bugs and get hit by Shino or vice-versa. Zaku used his other arm, which was actually fine and used Zankuuha. Unfourtanately (or fourtanately in your point of view) Shino told bugs to stuck the holes in Zaku's arm and his arm is truly unusable.

Submitted by Samuel

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