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Ten Ten vs. Temari Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Ten Ten vs. Temari

This is the 5th fight of the 3rd test's Preliminary Matches. There's 2 other matches which is Kankurou vs. "the other person in Kabuto's team" and Sakura vs. Ino. Both are very dull so i didn't summarize it. Ten Ten threw 4 shurikens at Temari but Temari did something and made the shurikens miss and invoke her. TenTen counted the space between Temari and used 1 of her scroll to summon shurikens and other weapons and threw them at Temari but she used her fan and fanned away the shurikens and TenTen onto the floor. Temari told Ten Ten she had two more chances to attack her. Ten Ten used her Sou Shou Ryu (Rising Twin Dragon) which consists of 2 scrolls of summoning weapon and a big smoke. If those weapons ever actually fail to attack which happened, TenTen will use strings to control all her weapons and fling them back at the enemy. Unfourtanately, Temari used her fan again to fan away TenTen's attack. Temari used her Kamaipachi no Jutsu and end the battle. By the way, TenTen's attacks are all made in the air.

Submitted by Samuel

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