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Naruto vs Sasuke Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs Sasuke

After having goaded each other into violent frenzies, Naruto and Sasuke charge each other and exchange blows, relying entirely on taijutsu. Sasuke lands most of the blows thanks to his Sharingan, but Naruto manages to make a couple of impressive comebacks through deception: standing so that the sun's light blinds Sasuke, and pretending to be stunned while covered by a hospital sheet. Meanwhile, Sakura pleads for both of them to stop, but to no avail.

Both panting from the fight so far, Naruto and Sasuke come apart for a moment to catch their breath. Naruto decides to up the ante and uses Tajyuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to surround Sasuke with more than 100 Kage Bunshin. Sasuke still manages to avoid most of the Bunshin' attacks thanks to his Sharingan, but three Bunshin pierce his defenses and kick him up into the air as part of the old favorite, the Uzumaki Naruto Rendan. However, Sasuke keeps his wits about him and quickly performs the hand seals for Katon Goukakyu no Jutsu, blocking Naruto's final Rendan hit with his elbow just as he finishes the sequence with tora no in.

Sasuke fires Katon Goukakyu no Jutsu down towards the mass of Kage Bunshin below, and nothing can be seen in the swirling flames besides the clouds of smoke caused by most of the Kage Bunshin' defeat. However, one Bunshin and Naruto's original body are sheltered in the center of the firestorm, which has begun to spin around them because of the swirl of chakra they created by forming Naruto's trump card, the Rasengan. Sasuke is surprised by the unfamiliar jutsu, and decides to counter with Chidori. It seems the battle will be decided by the clash of the two powerful jutsu.

However, Sakura finally jumps in between the two battling friends in a last ditch effort to end their quarrel, but both Naruto and Sasuke are unable to stop their attacks from hitting Sakura. Fortunately, Kakashi appears just in time to grab Naruto and Sasuke's wrists and hurl them towards two rooftop water silos, saving Sakura's life and ending the battle with a harsh lecture to his students.

Submitted by 8th-Shichinintai

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