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Naruto vs. Kiba - Chuunin Exam Match - Naruto Battle Summary

Naruto Battle Summary:

Naruto vs. Kiba - Chuunin Exam

At the elimination round, all of the uninjured young ninjas from different places gathered to see who's diserving to pass.

Naruto and Kiba's fight is the 4th. It was after the fight of the boy w/ insects and the boy with holes in both hands.

At first, it looks that Naruto doesn't have a chance to win because of his injuries he got from kiba and his dog. Kiba that time was very powerful because of the vitamin he ate. When Naruto saw him eating, he kept on yelling and saying that kiba was cheating. Kiba used his most powerful technique. His dog became another Kiba and they both moved very fast. They tried to attack Naruto both at the same time. They kept on attacking in circles not knowing that Naruto was just in the middle thinking of a plan on how to defeat his opponent. Then Naruto suddenly thought of a plan. Just then, Kiba hits him. While Naruto is trying to stand, he insults Naruto. He says that how can Naruto win if he still doesn't know how to do the changing of form technique Properly? Just after that, Hinata a girl who has a crush on Naruto thinks that what kiba is telling is not true. When kiba is about to attack Naruto again, Naruto farted. Kiba felt awful because his sense in smelling is 10x than before. Everyone got shocked. Then Naruto did his new technique. He clones him self, pushes kiba up high and punched him in the stomach. When kakashi saw it, he said that Naruto just copied what Sasuke did to defeat one of Kabuto's teammate. Naruto defeated Kiba.

Submitted by Angelic

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